Recovery Road (S01E08): “The Weaklings”

Harper’s back. Ew. But she’s sober! Is she actually going to be a character we like? Turns out, she was with Asa and Diesel when they shot the pharmacist! Wes is taken aback by all of this, but he’s still there for her. They buried the gun that Asa left at the house, and had a passionate kiss. Oh goodness. Oh, but it gets worse. Harper asks Wes to go away with her. He declines, and Harper guessed it right, because of Maddie.
Maddie and her mother haven’t spent much time together since Maddie has started living at the sober house. Rebecca’s sister’s graduation had brought them together, though. You can’t not feel bad for Rebecca, her family hasn’t visited her since she moved in, and she was only invited to the graduation party to show how “supportive” her family has been. When Maddie stands up for her after her father said some hurtful remarks about how amazing her sister is, their old friendship sparks again, starting with a warm hug. I smiled SOO BIG.