Bates Motel (S04E02): “Goodnight Mother”



My favourite thing about thrillers is that is can consistently make your heart race, and this is what I love I love about Bates Motel. While they might have there comedic elements to lighten the mood, they never play down the thriller and dangerous aspect of the show.

The most brilliant scene of tonight’s episode has to be when Norman was talking to himself. We know he does that all the time but in tonight’s episode the editing with the flashback of the night Norman killed his father was incorporated extremely well.

That proposal from last week caught me off guard, but I guess Romero was still considering it. Turns out he cares a lot more than he lets on as he agrees to marry Norma, not only that but he  pays for Normans first 2 months at his new facility. 

Meanwhile, Emma is still recovering from her big transplant surgery and Dylan’s is considering his future with Emma.