Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S03E19): “Terry Kitties”

Review: Captain Holt is ecstatic! He returns from his week in Paris in a vacation high and Jake is convinced this means he’ll say yes to anything. Of course, this means Jake wants a tank. An actual tank. But it’s ruined when Scully and Hitchcock get to Holt before Jake. By just being Scully and Hitchcock, Holt’s vacation high is already gone before the opening credits start! 

When Terry gets a kitten delivered to him in a box, he tells Jake that he gets one each year because of the first case he ever failed to solve. When Terry was a young cop with a flat top, the guys in Terry’s squad endlessly bullied him, not allowing him so much as a cup of coffee until he solved a case. So he picked the biggest case he could find. But his suspected perpetrator, Dmitri Kuzkho, turned out to be wheelchair-bound and therefore unable to be the one breaking and entering! Terry freaked out and started accusing his cat and there you have it, a kitten in a box once per year! 

When Jake encourages Terry to go to his old precinct and make them take back the kitten, Terry comes back with not one, not two, but THREE kittens. Then, Jake suggests that they solve the case twenty years later so his bullies have nothing to hold against him anymore. They start working the case, but find out most of the people Terry interrogated twenty years ago have died. When they finally find someone, the lady can’t remember anything and Terry wants to give up. But then they get a lead… which ends up not working out… again. Poor Terry, back at square one and the laughing stock of his old squad.

But then Jake spends all night working the case and solving it for Terry! Dmitri? Not so wheelchair-bound! They arrest him and Terry doesn’t want payback. He wants to forget all about his old squad and focus on the people in his life who do care about him. So sweet! Though it’s already too late because Jake’s sent them a box of rats! 

Also, when Gina and Charles find out that Adrian is living at the precinct after his landlord kicked him out because of his night screams, Charles offers his assistance. He just about immediately comes to regret this, as Adrian assumes this means he can stay with him from now on. Adrian makes it impossible for Charles to live in his own home, but he’s too scared to kick him out. Gina tells him to be an “alpha” and show Adrian who’s boss. When this backfires, however – because Charles is a beta at heart and has no business being an alpha – Gina ends up being the one using her inner alpha to get Adrian to leave Charles’s house. It works! Go, Gina! But was Gina really the alpha? Or did Charles beta her into protecting him?, as Charles wonders. Gina is horrified at the thought. 

Finally, Amy invites herself to a bomb defusing training exercise with Holt and Rosa, hoping to dominate the class and beat Rosa. After all, she’s a talented cross-stitcher! During the class, Amy and Rose talk trash and Holt scolds them for not focusing on the exercise. Later, however, when Holt ends up being the first one to finish the exercise, his own competitive nature comes out. He’s over the moon at having beaten both Rosa and Amy. A little too excited though, because their competitiveness is what ends up being the reason why they fail the exercise, yet Scully and Hitchcock – who spent the entire exercise in the background eating hot dogs – pass with flying colors! Way harsh! But it’s cool: there’s a new exercise next weekend just waiting for Rosa, Holt and Amy to sign up and be the best they can be – or at least be the best out of the three!