Crowded: (S01E01 & E02) “Premiere” & “Past Tense”

The comedy series has one character which many of you may know from iCarly: Miranda Cosgrove. 

The series isn’t filled with comedy like normal comedy but it’s rather dirty comedy. With the parents doing most of the dirty talk. 

It has it’s comedy but for a whole 20 minutes of it is kind of boring as it needs to have real comedy. 

Plus they got the grandmother (step) be like Howard’s mother in The Big Bang Theory shouting from far and loud. Which kind of kills the originality as the only series which had that style was in TBBT.

Ofcourse being at it’s beginning it is hard to judge how the series will be proceeding so far not being that bad but it’s surely needs improvements. 

Adding a bit more of normal comedy and more stories rather than all based on dirty comedy. 

What did you think of the episode?