New Girl (S05E11): “The Apartment”

ReviewCece is moving into the loft! Being an awesome friend, Jess is right there to help her pack her things and move out of the apartment she shared with Nadia, who I miss quite a bit. Cece turns out to be horrible at packing, though. In fact, when Jess gets there, she hasn’t even started yet. Like me, Cece gets overly emotionally attached to all her stuff and the choice to keep or toss each item is more than excruciating.

But then, Jess finds out from the new principal that she has to finish the school’s budget by morning instead of in a week from now. And this is just one of the things the new principal, Becky Cavatappi (played by Saved By the Bell’s Jessie Spano!) does, that inconveniences Jess’s work life. You see, Jess does all the work and Principal “Don’t call me Becky unless you’re riding me like a horse” Cavatappi does all the working of her cleavage. Haah.

To actually get some stuff done, Jess then locks Cece out of her own apartment and gets to it, packing Cece’s stuff in boxes. But when Cece manages to get back inside and sees everything packed, it hits her: she’s getting married. Holy crap! Though, seeing as she’s made it to the altar before, shouldn’t this not be as scary the second time around? But, anyway, Cece freaks out. She’s terrified. So Jess comes up with an idea: drinks! 

But while enjoying Jess’s Polish prosecco, the principal calls about the binder… That Jess seems to have misplaced! Cece’s fake page-turning noises are not convincing. Realizing how much the principal’s antics are affecting Jess, Cece suggests that Jess quits her job. But when Jess refuses, Cece quits for her. Jess is not amused at this turn of events. But the next day, when principal Cavatappi dumps another time-consuming task on Jess, she changes her mind and quits on her own. Go, Jess! 

Meanwhile, Winston has a new partner! Unable to keep working with Aly who can’t shut up about her boyfriend and his ass that won’t quit, he’s requested a new partner he won’t fall in love with. He gets one in the form of Dunston, who’s basically Winston’s personality-doppelganger. Dunston is also partially blind (night-blind instead of colorblind) and they’re both a fan of the exact same kind of music – in fact, Dunston is so much like Winston that it becomes impossible for them to get anything done. 

This messes with Schmidt and Nick when Schmidt finds out that Nick has a flashing-problem. He’s been flashed about 300 times in his life, mostly by a guy who randomly comes into their bar just to flash Nick. It’s not so much a problem for Nick, but Schmidt takes it more seriously and calls Winston to catch the guy. 

Even when they catch the guy red handed, Winston and Dunston can’t catch him – they’re both not used to being the cuff guy who actually makes the arrest – and the flasher gets away. In the end, Aly manages to catch him. Winston realizes that he really, really wants Aly back as his partner and when he tells her that, she confesses that she really, really misses him. Awww, I hope they do get together, if I’m perfectly honest. 

In the end, Cece is finally ready to move out. Schmidt confesses that he’s just as scared as she is, and that it has nothing to do with how much he loves her or how much he wants to marry her. But they’ll be scared – and really happy and annoyed to be living with three other people and a cat – together. They’ll figure it out! 

Also, Winston has a new cat.