Shadowhunters (S01E10): “This World Inverted”



In tonight’s episode of shadowhunters, we saw a alternate reality of the world that Clary lives in. They did a fabulous job on this episode, the writers really showed a contrast to the characters and it was really intriguing to watch. 

Meliorn helps them on their Mission to find Valentine, by letting CLary venture into the other dimension. The special effects for this scene are pretty decent. The alternate reality is a little bit of a shock to Clary when she first steps into it. 

From seeing Valentine and her mum together, Simon and nerdy Izzy, no threats of demons and a world where shadowhunters aren’t needed. Clary is quite intrigued by all of is, since it’s something she’s wishes for herself, although with time not in her favour she has to work fast. 

With all of that going on, we mustn’t forget what is happening in the actual reality, Izzy is charged with Treason. And even though Alec is marrying Lydia, his relationship with his sister is stronger, and he goes really far by even messing with his parabatai bond to fix it. Meanwhile Simon helps Luke take care of his IA investigation rumours. I’ve got to say Alberto is doing a really good job as vampire Simon, I mean I really believed the whole Dark Simon act, I never even realised it was a trick.

Okay that cliffhanger, Jaces father!! I cannot wait for next week. Each episode gets consistently better.