The Goldbergs (S03E18) “12 Tapes For A Penny”

Review: Dave Kim tells Adam about Columbia House, where you could order twelve tapes for only a penny. Adam, a little scared about the legal stuff, but tired of waiting for hours to be able to record something of the radio, tries it himself. But not before he asks Erica’s opinion about it: she says it’s an interesting idea, but won’t help him with it. Adam comes up with a scheme to get as many tapes as possible by giving Columbia House (hilarious) fake names. When the tapes arrive, Beverly opens the door and finds out about the trick that one of her kids is pulling. Since Erica is the oldest kid and the rebel in the family, she is the one getting the blame (being the oldest, I could relate to this so much), even after Adam confesses that he is the one who ordered all the tapes.

When later another package with tapes is being delivered, Bev wants to blame Erica again, but when Pops tells her it was his order and that he saw Adam do it, Bev realizes that she might have been too hard on her daughter. But that’s when she gets a call that Erica is in mall jail for shoplifting. Bev goes to the mall, and gets mad at Erica again, only to be shut down by the officer who tells her that Erica didn’t shoplift, her friend did. Now it’s Erica’s turn to be mad and disappointed and she doesn’t want to accept Bev’s apology. Adam points out that Beverly has failed as a mother, and that the only way to make it up to her is by playing one of Adam’s tapes: Chicago. Erica and Bev make up and Adam is grounded for his scam.

Meanwhile, Barry still tries to win the approval of Bill, Lainey’s father. The show already touched on this subject last season, but all that we got to know then was that Bill didn’t like Barry and didn’t like it that Lainey went out with him. Things haven’t changed much ever since. This time Barry tries to get Murray to help him, but Murray has never told Bill anything about Barry, and he can’t tell Barry anything about Bill either. But when Barry can’t impress Bill on his own, Murrays steps in to help and takes him golfing with Bill. Of course Barry messes up, but Murray has his back and tells Bill that Barry is a moron, but “the sweetest moron you’d ever want to meet” and that he would do anything to get on Bill’s good side. That’s when Bill loosens up towards Barry and explains to him that he just isn’t ready to lose his daughter.

I felt like both storylines were wrapped up a little too fast, they came to a quick solution, but I did like all the stories. I would have loved to see more of Adam and Dave Kim, trying to get as much tapes as possible, but I also thought it was pretty clever to work Erica’s storyline into this one. Hayley Orrantia was fantastic in this episode. The scenes where she was mad at/disappointed in Beverly were convincing and also the scene when Bev and Erica make up was great, especially Beverly singing along with Chicago. I also enjoyed the storyline with Barry and Bill. I think Troy Gentile, David Koechner and Jeff Garlin were funny together!

Rating: 8.5/10