The Middle (S07E17) “The Wisdom Teeth”

Review: Frankie is very excited that both Axl and Sue are getting their wisdom teeth out. This means that they will be home for a week and that she can take care of them. With his brother and sister back home, Brick lays down some rules of things that have changed while they were at college: he’s the new sheriff in town (with dibs on the bathroom and power over the TV remote). After the surgery, a drugged up Sue and Axl are in the car with Frankie and Brick on their way back home. Brick tries to get them to agree to the new rules, and makes a video of them so he has a verbal agreement. This scene in the car is hilarious and Axl and Sue have a nice (but loopy) sibling moment when Axl admits to Sue that he loves her because she is so nice: for example, she gets people forks when they need it.

When they get home, Frankie is taking care of her two oldest kids and enjoying it, until Brad comes in and starts taking care of them (as part of Americorps), but better. Frankie orders him to leave so that she can still spend time with the kids. Brad’s appearance didn’t add much to the story, but I always enjoy seeing him and it is good to know that he’s still around.

A day later, when Axl sees Brick’s video, he denies that he said ‘I love you’ and even deletes the video. Sue, disappointed by her brother’s actions, points out to him that he should grow up and that maybe, he does love his family. Why else would he be home so often? Axl doesn’t want to hear about it and leaves, but later shows that he has grown up and does love his sister by bringing Sue a fork.

To get back to Brick, with his video deleted, he doesn’t seem to have any power while his siblings are at home. Poor Brick. This does lead to some quality time with his mom though: “You’re a Heck. Disappointment is your birthright”.

Rusty is back with bad news: his ex-wife Marlene demands to get a share from the Li’l Rivals diapers profit because apparently she was the one who came up with the idea. Luckily, Rusty has another idea that he thinks will be a hit: a human hand back scratcher. Mike doesn’t feel like this is a good way of making money and tries working things out with Marlene instead. During their conversation, where Rusty realizes he still feels something for her, Mike finds out that it wasn’t Marlene’s idea at all and that they don’t have to worry about paying her any profits.

This week had the return of two of my favorite recurring characters on the show: Rusty and Brad. Honestly, almost every line that Rusty had in this episode made me laugh. The way Norm MacDonald delivers his lines is just perfect for the character! And Brad, what can I say about Brad that I haven’t said before. He is just so great and optimistic and Brock Ciarlelli is fantastic in the role. I felt really bad for him when Frankie sent him away, but I’m sure we’ll see him back! Outstanding job by both Eden Sher and Charlie McDermott for their scenes right after the surgery. The car scene was brilliant, and the last scene between them was cute!

Rating: 9.5/10

Who didn’t tear up during this scene?

ICYMI: The Middle was renewed for an 8th season 2 weeks ago! 🙂