Colony: (S01E10) “Gateway” [Season Finale]

After reading a few comments many were sad and angry or disappointed. But I have to disagree, although the host wasn’t explained properly and it wasn’t too complex like a very different alien style thing but that isn’t what the episode should be judged on. I think it has to do something with the fact that people like happy endings and everything solved. 

The episode was the climax of the whole season and when I say climax I mean mind blowing and out of this world! 

Snyder replaced now as his rule wasn’t good enough and the VIP captured under his watch caused the drones to start blasting buildings to try to make Katie’s group give up. Will finds out the address of the loft and goes there takes his wife out of the situation and in the process we still have the assassin out loose!

The ending was a man going after his son while the other gets arrested (I don’t like that dude 😂) and the wife is alone crying at home.

Amazing episode! Really a must watch series and the best news is there will be a season 2!