HTGAWM (S02E15): “Anna Mae”

Review: Previously on HTGAWM, everyone’s a murderer! Except for Annalise, who everyone thinks is a murderer. Last week, a drunk Laurel told Annalise the truth about Lyla’s murder, both Caleb and creepy Phillip were missing, Wes found out Wallace Mahoney is his dad, Asher and Michaela banged in a club bathroom (yes, really) and Annalise showed up on her mom’s doorstep! 

Annalise: Needing an escape from it all after finding out Frank is the one who killed Lyla, Annalise has made it all the way to Tennessee to stay with her mother. Excited that Annalise is visiting, her mother invites the entire Keating family for a party. At the party, she comes face to face with her estranged father, who abandoned them years ago. And now he’s back to court her mom. But the last thing Annalise wants is a family reunion. Dad business aside, it’s wonderful to see Annalise amidst her family, though she doesn’t seem to feel quite comfortable being there. But it was great to see a new side of her and see her dancing and having a laugh. And a cry, as she reveals to her mother – who can’t get over the fact that she doesn’t have grandchildren – that she lost her child. This leads to a heartbreaking scene where they bury a letter to her son (who she’d named Sam) in the backyard in the middle of the night. 

Additionally, sweet, hunky Nate comes to visit Annalise in Tennessee to fill her in on what’s been going on and Annalise’s mother and sister just about fall in love with the guy. Annalise’s mom insists he stay for dinner and spends time with the family and it’s pretty great because Nate is great. 

The Keating Five (I): Everyone is worried about Annalise and wondering where she might have gone. When Nate stops by (before they find out where Annalise is), he lets everyone know that there’s a warrant out for Annalise’s arrest, but that he doesn’t know what they’re charging her for. Eventually, despite Connor’s protests, Oliver hacks into the police’s computers and they find out that most of the information on Annalise’s arrest warrant has been redacted. Going over the possible reasons why this could be, they figure that there must be an informant who’s been feeding information to the cops. When they take a look at the security footage at the police station based on the time and date the warrant was issued, they find out who the informant is. More on that below!

In other Keating Five news, Wes and Laurel discuss their crappy dads and are generally super adorable and Frank catches them right when Wes is giving her the sweetest, doe-eyed look. When Frank confronts Laurel about it, Laurel tells Frank about Wallace Mahoney being Wes’s dad. This triggers Frank’s guilt over his past actions, as revealed in the flashbacks below. And Asher and Michaela’s attempt to talk about what happened at the club the previous night ends with them almost repeating the experience on a desk. But, smart as she is, Michaela puts a stop to it, claiming that they are “not these people”. Haha, ok. 

The flashbacks: This week’s flashbacks are all about floppy-haired Frank. Last week, we saw him pick up a brunette at a bar. But instead of sleeping with her, in her hotel room he finds out that she wants him to spy on Annalise. Frank ends up agreeing to plant a bug in Annalise’s hotel room. This then leads to the brunette listening in on Eve and Annalise’s conversation before Annalise’s car accident and her warning Wallace Mahoney about what Annalise is about to do (i.e. tell the investigating FBI agent at the police station that Rose was threatened by the Mahoneys). This prompts Wallace to “take care of it”, meaning that Annalise’s car accident wasn’t an accident at all. Frank, wracked with guilt, confesses to Sam that he played a part in Annalise’s accident and therefore in the death of their baby. Sam then threatens him not to ever tell Annalise, or he’ll “ruin him”. 

The Keating Five (II): When Annalise finally gets her phone back (her mother gave it to one of the kids at the party to hide and then gave it to her father so he could be the one to give it back, of course), she’s unsurprisingly missed a ton of phone calls. One of them is from ADA Todd Denver, telling her she has to be back in Philly by 5 pm, or else she’ll get arrested. Finally, Michaela calls her and when she picks up, Michaela lets her know that they found out that they found out who the informant is: Caleb! Not so missing after all! 

When Annalise returns to Philadelphia, her first stop is the police station to meet up with ADA Denver. He tells her she’s being charged with obstruction of justice and all that, but Annalise, as always, has a better idea. Namely, focusing on Caleb, the pretty rat! Turns out, Caleb isn’t so innocent after all. In fact, creepy Phillip wasn’t the creepy one in all of this. When he attacked Annalise in Wes’s apartment, he wasn’t really there to attack her, but to give her a USB stick with information about Caleb and his whereabouts on the night Helena Hapstall was killed. Caleb killed his aunt and then played along so Catherine would get locked up and Catherine kept her mouth shut because SHE’S IN LOVE WITH HIM. Sibling incest confirmed!

The police arrest Phillip, who’s already at the precinct, as Annalise walks out. Then, we find out that Caleb is the prime suspect in the investigation of his parents’s murder, as the Keating Five watch the news report on tv. Bonnie throws them all out, including Frank – because what makes them think Annalise would even want to look at their annoying faces? 

The end: As the news report goes on, we find Caleb in a motel bathroom, literally bathing in his own blood after he’s presumably killed himself.  Then, while Connor´s in the shower, Oliver calls Stanford to cancel Connor’s application and deletes his acceptance e-mail and it’s an awful move. But, on the bright side, Conrad Ricamora was just promoted to series regular, so it looks like he’ll be sticking around to deal with the consequences!  

When Annalise comes home, Bonnie tells her that Frank’s role in her accident is what gave Sam the leverage to get him to kill Lyla years later. But Annalise isn’t that convinced and she blames both Sam and Frank for making her think she was responsible for everything. She asks Bonnie where Frank is, saying that he needs to go. But, unbeknownst to them, Frank has already left. Laurel goes to his apartment and finds it completely empty. And, finally, Wes approaches Wallace Mahoney on the streets of New York. Just as he tells Wallace that he might be his son, and Wallace asks him why he’d think that, WALLACE GETS SHOT. RIGHT IN FRONT OF WES. 

Poor Wes can never catch a break! See you next season!