Vikings: (S04E05) “Promised”

The new king isn’t here to create war so far, he wants to join and march down to Paris in next week’s episode. And he is trying to now gather some inside friends and that is none other than Floki.

You may remember the last episode we saw the youngest son of Ragnar be given to Floki so that he would be raised into a Christian Hating Viking. Things took a turn this episode as he turns out to be a true warrior in a Viking dictionary!

Being crippled didn’t stop him from keeping the ball as he axed a kid to keep what he wants! Ragnar must be proud…

That may be the highlight of the episode but what actually was the biggest story apart from Ragnar still fooling around with the Slave who is the princess or daughter of an emperor of China. Now I don’t know how they got to China but hey maybe we see Ragnar in China in the future.

The major twist was Lagetha saying she is pregnant now I’m not sure if that was a stunt to get Carl to marry him or she really is. The ceremony was about to begin and she daggers him. It was all a planning as she had her army of women surround her to protect her. What is also going to be interesting is when Bjorn goes back to get his revenge!

It has been going very slow with Ragnar doing stupidity rather than being the guy creating havoc! But the next one is really going to be awesome!