You, Me and the Apocalypse: (S01E08) “Saviour Day”


The episode opens with reporters saying there are only a few hours to go before the end of the world. People are putting up posters of Frankie as a missing child. Scotty is asked to describe the sequence of events to destroy the comet that is on course with earth. He demonstrates the missile crashing into the comet to stop it from hitting earth by using a banana and a muffin. LOL!

Meanwhile Father Jude is back at the Vatican. Someone is at his door saying his presence is requested regarding his reports on all would be messiahs. Sister Celine is hiding in the closet and is not happy about it. They are keeping their marriage a secret for the sake of their work.

The missing girl Frankie is playing with her peas and says she hates peas and hates Ariel who is her captor. She then screams. Ariel asks what will make her stop screaming. She says sweets and he says no, sweets are bad for you. She threatens to wet herself and he will have to clean it up.  Ariel caves and gives her sweets.

Meanwhile, Jamie & Frankie’s mom Hawkwind find a note from Ariel saying he just wants Frankie’s mom back.

At the Vatican, the mother superior says that Sister Celine is at risk of going to hell if she continues her relationship with Father Jude. The mother superior says both Father Jude and Sister Celine can leave the church and live in God’s grace outside the church. Celine tells Father Jude she wants him to leave the priesthood with her today. Jude says their work is bigger than the both of them and that they will talk later.

Rhonda is in a federal prison. In a meeting with her lawyer, she is told she has no rights & that the state will seek the death penalty and will probably get it. Rhonda asks what their strategy is. The attorney says to pray.

Jamie takes a phone call from Ariel and puts on a tough front. Jamie says he has snapped and demands Ariel return Frankie and he will hand over Hawkwind.

Father Jude is in a meeting with other church leaders who are asking about the would be messiahs he met and whether they qualify. Jude discounts all of the people he met. The leaders of the meeting say that Father Jude has to pick someone to be the false Messiah.   Father Jude is shocked & doesn’t want to do it. Jude begs them not to. The leaders in the meeting want to choose someone to give the people hope, even if it is false hope. Father Jude takes off his collar and says he can do God’s work outside of the church and leaves the meeting.

Then Scotty is in a meeting with other government types and he gives the command to launch the missile to attack the comet headed toward them. The missile reaches and blows up the target.

Celine leaves a note for Jude. She tells the mother superior that she chooses her vows.

While waiting for Ariel, Hawkwind asks Jamie to get Frankie out of there and gives Jamie some instructions for Frankie’s care including how Frankie doesn’t ever want to get out of her giraffe costume and he will have to swap them out while she is asleep. Hawkwind and Frankie watch videos of Jamie at bedtime to help her get to sleep and he should continue to do so. Ariel shows up and Jamie has a gun in one hand and his other hand is around Hawkwind. Jamie asks Ariel where his gun is. Ariel says he doesn’t have one. He thought they were just exchanging. Ariel says he thought Jamie would kill himself and would not be this strong. Ariel brings out Frankie. Ariel says they will exchange at the same time so Frankie & Hawkwind walk toward each other with Frankie ending up with Jamie while Hawkwind ends up with Ariel. Ariel knows they might have planned something so there is an explosive in Frankie’s toy giraffe and Ariel has the detonator.  Ariel forces Jamie to drop his gun. Ariel tells Hawkwind she forces him to do bad things. Jamie puts the toy giraffe on his head. Frankie throws up on Ariel. Hawkwind takes Frankie and runs. Ariel and Jamie fight. Ariel gets away & tries to detonate the bomb Jamie is wearing however Frankie’s vomit has got in the detonator and it doesn’t work. Hawkwind sprays Ariel’s eyes & rushes to Jamie to take the bomb off his head.

Back at the bunker Scotty says the detonation failed. The comet is a little off course but it will still hit the earth. General Gaines makes a phone call giving a code word. I think the code word must mean that the mission was successful because seconds later the news reports that the mission was successful and the earth is safe.

After this news announcement, the nuns are dancing. Father Jude goes looking for Sister Celine at the convent and the sisters tell him to leave. Jude asks the mother superior to give Celine his collar and that yes he and Celine are married and he wants to go away with her. The mother superior does not tell Jude where Celine is.

The President gets ready to make an address where he says Operation Savior was an unqualified success. He thanks those who worked on the project for the last 27 days and that their future is assured. Then in a montage during and after the President’s speech the following happens:

The sister gives Celine Jude’s collar and she rejoices and walks down the hall in a regular dress. Hawkwind and Jamie kiss. Renee is proud of Scotty. The President says the future is bright and belongs to everyone.  Scotty hugs his boyfriend General Arnold Gaines & rejoices.  General Gaines cries while a big screen in the background says likelihood of collision is 100%. Sister Celine looks up and sees someone hanging dead. It appears to be Father Jude as Celine drops to her knees crying.