Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (2012)

When you have a Batman animated movie, your going to hear me say good things about it. Today I’m reviewing the animated movie Batman: The Dark Knight Returns!

In the film, we are introduced to a Gotham city where Bruce Wayne (Peter Weller) has retired from being Batman. The city has been brought down to its knees with the gang known as The Mutants terrorizing the citizens but also killing them. Its not until Bruce and soon to be ex-Commissioner Jim Gordon (David Selby) meet for their usual cup of tea to discuss world problems that Gordon puts the idea into Bruce’s head that the city still needs Batman. But while Bruce at an old age feels he might not be able to do the job anymore, he is forced to remember why he started his crusade as Batman in the first place by replaying in his head the murder of his parents from that fateful “mugging” the images in his head then return to when he was a boy and first found the bat cave. Bruce then returns the bat cave to help him make his final decision. Alfred (Micheal Jackson) then supports Bruce of his decision to put back on the cape and cowl to help the citizens of Gotham. The old bruting Batman beats up the  terrorizing Mutants group after saving a young girl by the name of Carrie Kelly (Ariel Winter). Carrie then gets inspired by Batman’s return she chooses to buy a Robin costume and don the heroics of Robin. She follows the Batman around in the shadows watching him beat up the Mutants group. When the leader of the Mutants (Gary Williams) chooses to have a one on one fight with the Batman to show the city of Gotham who the true ruler of Gotham is, the Batman shows up in his new modified Batmobile or I should say Bat-Tank, where he blasts a crater so there wont be any interruptions in the fight. Batman and the Mutant Leader fight it out, forcing Batman to his limits and almost dies…almost but doesn’t! Batman lands one last punch which defeats the Mutants leader; all the other Mutants run away in fear, Carrie Kelly/Robin helps Batman back into the Bat-Tank to get him back to the bat cave. At this time the news broadcasts that Batman is back to protecting this city, which makes the Joker (Micheal Emerson) wake up from his vegetated state. The Joker then gives us a smile which the movie leads to a “to be continued!”

Honestly this movie as an animated movie based off the graphic novel by Frank Miller is a fantastic part 1, the film covers a lot but it also gives a lot of insight to how Bruce is trying to move past Batman but fails of course. This film was really good, I would recommend this film to anyone who is a fan of the Batman animated movies! I would have to give this film 4 1/2 out of 5 stars for a wonderful story!

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns part 1 is now out on DVD and Blu-Ray