Grey’s Anatomy (S12E14): “Odd Man Out”

Review: Dr. Webber is afraid that the residents are too comfortable with their chosen specialties. He is standing in the hallway of the hospital taking it all in. He sees cheerful people, happy teams. The attendings and residents are working together way to smooth. They are as solid machines. All residents are with their favorite attending. The sight of this leads dr. Webber to burst into Bailey’s office and he demands a meeting with all the residents, because they need to come out of their comfort zone right now. Comfort zone means stagnation and dr. Webber won’t have that. He wants each resident to pull out a slip of paper out of a bad pan, with the name of an attending on it so that they can experience another specialty.

Of course Blake gets stuck with dr. Amelia Shepherd and she of course won’t have her. But she doesn’t really have a choice. In the end they do bond over their patient once Blake starts talking neuro to Amelia and this seems to help. The patient dies during his second surgery, but Blake did do good work. Amelia cancels her first date with Owen because of her crappy day and because she just found out Blake is a natural neuro surgeon who she now has to teach. Owen doesn’t mind and takes her into the room full of puppies instead (the puppies actually were there for one day for the children) to cheer her up. Cuteness overload (referring to the puppies of course).

Dr. Torres is teasing Meredith about the hot general we saw last week. Meredith gave her number to a certain general Thorpe, who is now calling Meredith, but Meredith is not picking up the phone. Why? Because she doesn’t want to go on a date and doesn’t know how to break the news to general Thorpe. So, she figured it is easier to just not pick up the phone at all. Dr. Torres and Maggie are not going to drop the subject and tell Meredith to go for it anyway.

Ben Warren got to be on Arizona’s service this episode and they go check on one of her patient who is pregnant of quadruplets and who’s recovering from a fetal surgery in which Arizona saved her babies. Arizona tells Ben to watch this woman carefully and he does. But when Ben’s giving her an ultrasound he can only find three heartbeats instead of four. He thinks it smart to share this information with the parents who were already panicking as well. It turns out the mother is in labor and one of the babies (Baby C.) wants to come out. Arizona takes the mother-to-be into surgery and decides to only deliver one of the babies by sterilizing the placenta and putting it back into the womb in order to prevent the other babies from coming out. Alex doesn’t agree with her plan, but Bailey trusts Arizona enough to support her even though no one has ever done this before. Arizona’s succeeds and in the meantime Alex saves Baby C.

Arizona is also still following around April trying convince her she really should tell Jackson about the baby. April doesn’t listen and also tells Arizona she doesn’t want any test being done on this baby. Because she believes this baby will be fine. Arizona can’t cope with the situation and asks Alex to talk some sense into April. But April won’t listen to him anymore than she did to Arizona. I really thought we were past the April, Jackson and a baby-thing. Toward the end of the episode we see how Arizona talking to Jackson just when April decided she really should talk to him, but she is a little too late to the party.

After a long day of work Meredith goes outside to sit down on a bench, ready to go home and ready to finally text back general Thorpe. But General Thorpe is sitting outside too, waiting for Meredith to leave so he can ask her out in person and because it’s now harder for her to decline. Though we will have to wait another week to see what Meredith’s answer is going to be.