Landon Gimenez – the young William Froste.

Landon Gimenez was born on November 5, 2003 in Houston, Texas, USA. He is an actor, known for Resurrection (2014), Housekeeping (2014) and William Froste (pre-production).

‘I really loved the show, the idea of it was really neat and interesting’ recalling his memories from the show which ended after two seasons. ‘I auditioned for Resurrection when I was barely 9 years old, the first audition was from a tape and then I had to go in for two call backs.’ And he didn’t let any day go by without learning something! ‘I learned a lot by being on set for two seasons with many amazing directors.  Every day was a new experience and each director has their own way of doing things.  I think I grew a lot in my acting’

landon resurrection2 - Landon Gimenez - the young William Froste.
On set of Resurrection.

Being on set for two years made him really close to the cast of the show, ‘We all became very close, and all were like family to me and very special’ to the extent he developed motherly relationship with his colleague. Frances and I became very very close; she was very motherly to me and always treated me like her own child’ and not only did he have family off-screen his sister Aubrey also starred in the show as one of the returned in the season finale and he has great words about her: ‘My sister Aubrey is my biggest supporter.  When I was a baby I was very sick and she always helped my mom take care of me, she’s like another mother.  I look up to her very much.’ He also has a very supportive family that has been there for him from the start! ‘My parents and brother and sisters have really been behind me in my dreams of acting.  They all come and see me on set which I love.  It is very hard being separated from my family but they always are there for all of us kids and our dreams.’

Everyone in the entertainment industry has his reason for joining the ranks, his inspiration is none other than the hit wizard show Wizards of Waverly Place. ‘I really don’t know why, I just always remember knowing that I wanted to.  I mean the show Wizards of Waverly Place is what inspired me, but I don’t remember not wanting to act.’ He has faced a few challenges notably including ‘being away from family and friends, but it’s what I really want to do for my life’ he concludes. Every actor enjoys some perks as their fame begins to increase and that includes Landon! ‘I was invited to be in the Houston Thanksgiving Day Parade and that was fun.  I get recognized some and that is pretty neat but that’s about it right now.’

landon gimenez - Landon Gimenez - the young William Froste.
Landon Gimenez

With his next role being in William Froste he recalls who he made his instant connections with, ‘I had an immediate bond with Frances, Kurtwood, Mark and Omar‘ and he also has his ways of preparing before going for an audition ‘My preparations always include working with my coaches to make sure I am nailing my character.’ He was really happy to get the role and can’t wait to get started. ‘I really cannot wait to be part of this film.  I have not accepted any horror auditions so far; this is the first one that I felt like I wanted to be part of. This one seems like it will be so different than what is out right now.‘ His parents however don’t let him see many horror movies but he has watched a few. ‘My parents are a little weary of me watching scary things because it will give me nightmares, but I do love ghost hunters and The Sixth Sense.’ To summarize he says ‘I like supernatural kinds of shows.’ He also has had experience on a little of horror prior to this show but he is excited about this one, ‘I feel that this will be different in a lot of ways and a lot of horror icons are part of this so it’s very exciting’ and adding his most terrifying moment while on set of Resurrection was: ‘In one scene I am in a coffin for the opening scene.  They actually shut the coffin and it was touching my face. I had to also hold my breathe while they opened it and shot the scene.  It was a little bit freaky, but the boom operator kept telling me he was right there by me in case I was scared.’ 

He isn’t one to simply accept to be an actor as he has many plans for his future! ‘I want to write graphic novels, in fact I am writing one right now.  I love to draw and I love writing about mythical creatures so I am excited about this but I would also like to direct one day too.’ And he has a good taste in movies and series, his favourite being ‘Coraline – Tim Burton is my favorite,  Big Hero 6, Finding Nemo – my favorite childhood movie‘ and on TV being ‘Super Natural, Dr. Who and The Goldbergs.’