Scandal (S05E14): “I See You”

Review: Times have changed. I remember when Jake was keeping an eye on Olivia and following her every move. Well Olivia is returning the favor. She has Quinn and Charlie install camera’s in Jakes apartment, while she is having dinner with papa Pope, Jake and his new fiancée to celebrate their engagement. Engagement?! Oh yes, Jake isn’t taking things slow anymore these days. Of course papa Pope was the first to know that his beloved Jake, aka the son he never had, is going to get married. Olivia somehow manages herself and keeps a straight face the whole time. Even when Jake refers to Olivia as ‘the sister he never had’. Like Rowan couldn’t have made things more incestuous and now Jake had to ruin ‘Jolivia’ for me as well. But Olivia just smiles her way through this dinner and just keeps the small talk going.

Vannessa tells Olivia how she and Jake met (Jake crushed into her while she was standing in line at the shake shack and she dropped her phone) and how they unexpectedly ran into each other a few days later. Sound familiar? Well we all know there is no such thing as coincidence when papa pope and Jake are involved. Olivia leaves the house as soon as she can and goes home to monitor Jake. For a brief moment it even looks like as if Jake is unaware of the camera surveillance, but no… you really can’t surveil on the head of the NSA without him knowing, can you. Jake returns the camera’s to Olivia in person, putting an end to her live-feed on Jake.

So with Olivia being consumed by her Jake-business she has been absent when it comes to (running) OPA. Quinn on the other hand is working really hard to keep everything going and is taking care of everyone. Basically she is running OPA (Quinn also really likes saying that). What Olivia and Quinn both didn’t know is that Huck is still spying on his family and is watching his son’s football games on camera. Huck discovers that his ex-wife has a new boyfriend and he becomes obsessed by the guy, because he thinks it is someone from his past called ‘Six Toes’. Huck is convinced that the boyfriend is bad news and goes on a road trip to find the guy and save his family from this potential danger. As soon as Quinn and Olivia and Marcus find out what’s going on they get in the car to go find Huck and prevent any harm he may do to the guy. They find an abandoned car by the side of the road, but no sign of Huck. Quinn is so worried she finally tells Olivia what she thinks and blames her for what’s happening. With Marcus being there as well he gets to learn a lot about the other OPA members, but does he want to know all their secrets? Just when they want to leave the scene, Huck comes walking out of the bushes with an unconscious “boyfriend”, who is still whole and alive.

Mellie and Susan both want Hollis Doyle’s financial support for their campaigns. And by the way doesn’t Hollis Doyle bear a striking resemblance (in looks and sound) to this other person we have heard a lot of this election season or is that just me? I must say Scandal did some good casting on Hollis five years ago. Anyways, Olivia warns Mellie not to speak to Hollis or promise him anything. Of course Mellie meets up with Hollis anyway, but she doesn’t promise him anything. And so she leads Hollis straight into the arms of Susan Ross. This meeting is unsuccessful as well, because Hollis is insulting Fitz and Fitz just hates Hollis and ruins the whole meeting because of it. As for Susan, I begin to like her even more. First she doesn’t want the Presidents support for her candidacy, because she does not want to be associated with Fitz and his current state of behavior (read: being a man whore). But Fitz can’t take it that Susan doesn’t want him to support her. So now he wants to become the kind of man Susan Ross can respect and who is worthy of supporting her. It’s hilarious, I know. Plus after Fitz’ ruined Susan’s meeting with Hollis because his tiny little ego was hurt she just starts yelling at Fitz for it and makes it very clear that when it comes to her bid for a candidacy he is part of the Susan Ross show now.

This is good news for Abby as well, because she was so busy managing Fitz’ “meetings” with women, that she didn’t have time to notice what Cyrus was up to with governor Vargas before. She asks David to look into it and then puts the pieces together. She knows Cyrus is secretly running Vargas’ campaign and confronts him. Cyrus makes Abby promise she won’t tell the President. Abby keeps her mouth shut at first, but this kind of information is too much. Knowledge is indeed power and since Abby wants to be Chief of Staff, she now sees a window of opportunity to make it happen. Olivia warns her, that once you take the white hat off (for instance by backstabbing Cyrus) and go near that kind of power it’s hard to come back from it. Abby still goes for it and gets what she wants. Fitz agrees to make Abby his Chief of Staff as long as Abby will be the one to fire Cyrus for cheating on the President.

Mellie is stupid enough to meet with Hollis a second time and she let him feed her drinks. And although she is still far away from drunk Mellie, it’s enough to share some of her ideas and strategies on how she is going to run her campaign. Hollis tells her he will support her and that his people will contact her the next day… Instead Hollis announces his own bid for a candidacy using Mellie’s strategy and quotes on live television. Like Olivia told Mellie before. Hollis is the devil. I can only hope this will make Olivia run Mellie’s campaign, because I just really want to see them run the world (GIRLS). And also I want to see Doyle crushed and it seems only fair given their history that Mellie and Olivia get to be the ones to take him down. Let’s be real though, does Hollis really stand a chance in comparison to Mellie, Susan and governor Vargas? I guess we will have to find out.

And that’s not all. In the final scenes of the episode we see Olivia having drinks with Jake, who is waiting for Vanessa. Olivia is apologizing to Jake for being a spy. But when Vanessa arrives and drops her phone again it finally triggers Olivia into remembering how she met Jake (because he used the same M.O. with her). So now we know there is indeed nothing coincidental about Jake meeting Vanessa. Jake is really up to something. Question still remains what that something may be…