Batman: The Dark Knight Returns part 2 (2013)

You know what? This movie was amazing! We had a gladiator match, Old Oliver Queen, and much, much, much more that happened in this film. The film I’m reviewing today is Batman: The Dark Knight Returns part 2!

In the film we start off where part 1 left off, theres a new group in Gotham city and that group calls themselves “The Sons of Batman” (sounds kinda corny or funny take your pick) We also see Joker (Micheal Emerson) watch the TV about Lana Lang (Paget Brewster) and a few others explain how its good and not good for the Batman (Peter Weller) to return from retirement. The Joker then talks to his therapist Dr.Batholomew Wolper (Micheal McKean) about how he wants to be able to tell his side of the story from all of these years of his “troubles” and wants to bring the smiles back to the people. The Therapist agrees and arranges for the Joker to be interviewed by David Endocrine (Conan O`Brien) its not too long later when Gotham City news releases the news of Joker being interviewed the next day. Meanwhile Batman goes undercover to take down Bruno (Tress MacNeille) when two of Bruno’s thugs come to rob a store, Batman is there to take down the thugs but orders Robin (Ariel Winter) to chase after Bruno but do not engage. So Robin shoots a sling shot at Bruno instead pissing her off (Yes Bruno is a woman)! During the showdown between Batman and Bruno; the white house meets with Superman (Mark Valley) to discuss of a problem that has been happening recently in Gotham City. Superman tells the President (Jim Meskimen) that hes well aware of the recent activity out there, but the president tells Superman if he can’t talk down Batman, then Superman must force him to stand down by any means necessary. The next day Bruce (Peter Weller) and Clark (Mark Valley) have a chat discussing that Bruce/Batman must go back into retirement, they did mention what happened to the rest of the Justice League after the registration act was put into play which forced Wonder Woman to go back to the Amazons and never return to help Earthlings in any way, Hal Jordan was exiled into space, and Oliver Queen had his arm ripped off by Superman, although they didn’t mention what happened with Aqua Man, or Jon Jonz or even Supergirl they didn’t mention, makes you wonder what happened to them. Clark told Bruce if he doesn’t change his ways or stop then he will have to stop him by orders of the president. A couple of nights later Bruce meets up with one arm Oliver Queen (Robert Atkin Downes) who asks Bruce if hes going to do what Superman told him to do, but Bruce says he wont and continues on with his ways in Gotham, which brought the epic conclusion of the Joker’s death then to the epic match Batman vs Superman; Bat of Gotham vs Son of Krypton! After the battle between Batman and Superman, Alfred (Micheal Jackson) burned down the Wayne Manor and then died from a stroke, may Alfred Pennyworth rest in peace! But who wins the fight you ask? I wont tell you, you have to find out by watching the film!

To be honest, I really enjoyed this second part! I mean yeah there was a lot that went down, but they also gave really good insight to the Justice League and how everyone is doing their own thing somewhere else. But I figured that One Arm Old Oliver Queen would have quite a big or partial big role to play to help out Batman and I was right. But with me being a Green Arrow fan I was really excited to see Oliver Queen in this movie. Overall it was really good and it had a great story and they stayed pretty true to the material The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller. I would give this film 4 1/2 out of 5 stars for a fantastic story and wonderful animation!

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns part 2 is now out on DVD and Blu-Ray!