The Family: (S01Ep04) “Feathers or Steel”


Opens with a house in a shambles with blood on the floor.

Flashback to eight years ago. The mom Claire is visiting Hank in prison. Asks where Hank’s body is. Says she wants a funeral with a body in the casket. She asks Hank what he did with Adam after he murdered him. Hank keeps answering “I can’t help you with that.”

Now it is present day and Hank wakes up in bed after hearing a noise. Hank goes outside and sees that someone spray painted the word monster across the doors of his shed.

At the Warren household, Bridey comes out to the kitchen with Danny for breakfast. Adam goes outside to help Hank clean off the graffiti. Hank says you shouldn’t be here. Claire calls Adam back to the house.

At the police station, an eight year old boy has been reported missing. He was taken in broad daylight from a public park just like Adam. They notice he looks like Adam. The police say the kidnapper lost Adam so he needed to replace him.

The guy that the show has been hinting at as Adam’s kidnapper goes into a building on his land and pulls open a trapdoor with stairs leading down. We are not shown what is at the bottom of those stairs. When he does come back out of the building he makes his wife promise not to go in there. Sounds a little suspicious to me.

Back to eight years ago. Claire tells her husband she wants a funeral for her son and is not burying an empty coffin. It is Christmas.

Present Day: Reporters ask if Claire has talked to the family of the missing boy. She says no. Claire then proceeds to give information on the vehicle suspected of being involved in the kidnapping. Then she goes on to speak directly to the kidnapper and says they may not know his name or where he is but that they will find him.

Hank is putting up cardboard against the windows of his house on the inside. Then a police man stops by and asks Hank if he has used a pressure washer to get the graffiti off as that will work better. Suddenly the police officer serves a restraining order against Hank saying he needs to stay 100 yards away from everyone in the Warren family. Hank said but Adam came over here.

They show Adam a picture of the suspected kidnapper and Adam has a physical reaction and has to sit down. They ask Adam if that is him and Adam shakes his head yes. Meanwhile Danny watches from the stairs.

Eight years ago, Claire is talking to the assistant prison warden and then hires him to her personal security detail.  Inside the prison, something is wrong with Hank or his sandwich. He is bleeding from his mouth. Another prisoner walks toward him but the scene ends. Flash to present day and Hank is picking apart his sandwich at a restaurant. Apparently he is now traumatized by what might be hiding in his sandwiches. He is meeting with someone and asks if he can sue the Warren family for defamation. It must be a lawyer he is meeting with. The lawyer says to take the money he was given and go buy an island. Hank says he doesn’t want an island. The guy asks “What do you want?” Hank answers justice.

The dad, John, has Adam out playing baseball. Meanwhile, the suspect is at the birthday party for his child. The scene shifts to Officer Nina Meyer at what appears to be a hotel where a child is sleeping and a man enters the room. The child is tied up. She shoots the man. Hmmm…maybe the man the show has been leading us to believe is the suspect is not the suspect.

Back to eight years ago at Christmas, Claire finds a box with a piece of jewelry in it. What Claire actually receives is a sweater. Hmmm…Who is that piece of jewelry for? Must be for Officer Nina Meyer. Claire must know about the affair. She drives by Nina’s house and there is John kissing Nina in plain sight right in front of the window. Claire drives off.

Back to today, we are told the man that was shot is not the man who took Adam as he was in prison at the time of Adam’s kidnapping. The boy with him belonged to his ex-girlfriend. Officer Nina Meyer is then questioned as to why she shot at the man. She claims the suspect had a gun and that is why she shot. Nina is asked if her partner can support her story. They show Nina and her partner doctoring the scene and Nina answers yes.

Adam asks his dad how the new alarm system works. John tells him the code is his birthday 0522 so enter that and then hit alarm. Back in his room Adam writes down 05-22 on a piece of paper and wraps the key in that piece of paper and hides it in a drawer. Hmmm…Did he not know his own birthday? Is he not Adam? Did he just forget when his birthday was?

Claire has gone to visit the Governor. For those who don’t know, she is running for Governor. He wants a clean fight run on issues. He thanks her for coming up. He tries to show Claire that she does not have what it takes to be Governor. Then Claire shows that she knows more than he thinks. In addition she says she is not after adulterers but rather she is after murderers.

Bridey shows up at the Warren house asking to go up to David’s room as she left her phone up there. Willa lets her in. I can’t believe Willa let her in. Bridey takes a Q-tip out of the garbage. Bridey goes to the door and Willa is there and says “This is Adam’s room.” Bridey says that’s why she couldn’t find her phone then. Bridey tells Willa she was a strange little girl. Willa says she still is. We know that Bridey got the Q-tip to redo the DNA test as the original test mysteriously disappeared.

Claire has gone to the hospital to check on the boy who was kidnapped and his mom. She runs into Nina and tells her that she will stop sleeping with her husband now and that lots of women drop their pants for a man who has lost his son. Boy, Claire is a tough chick. Then on camera she hugs Nina and thanks the police for all their hard work.

Back to eight years ago. Claire finds the box of jewelry on the bed. John claims he meant to give it to her at Christmas but that it didn’t seem like the right time and that he has something to tell her. Claire cuts him off and wants to bury her son even without a body and says he lived a life and it needs to be acknowledged and that they need to live their lives now. She says she will open the jewelry box tomorrow.

Back to present day. Claire has cooked dinner and John seems surprised. Willa tells Danny that Bridey showed up for her phone and that if she leaves her panties next time that they will mail them to her.

Back at the one suspect’s house, the birthday party is over and the wife goes into the forbidden building. What will she find? She turns on the light. Then her husband comes in behind her. Standing there is a crib. He tells her he didn’t want her to see it. So, he is able to cover whatever bad thing he is doing by making a crib for his pregnant wife.

Now Danny is in Bridey’s apartment when she comes home and asks Bridey what she took from Adam’s room. Bridey says it is too late.

Willa is having a flashback and it looks like she was having sex with Bridey of all people!

Nina asks her partner if he thinks the suspect will take another kid. Her partner says they always do. Speaking of the devil, the suspect goes into the forbidden building and goes down the stairs. Back at Hank’s house, he goes outside and looks at the Warren house. John is trying to sleep on the couch. He looks out and sees Hank standing there.

We flash back to the house that was messed up at the beginning of the show and the blood on the floor and we see Hank lying on the floor with a bloody face and a bloody baseball bat lying next to him. Did John beat him up?

This show is so suspenseful and constantly takes you down new leads just as you thought you might have things figured out. The show’s Twitter account assures us that we will know by next week if Adam is really Adam. I can’t wait!