The Walking Dead: (S06E14) “Twice as Far”

Let’s say that the series is not going anywhere with a very exciting storyline. We have been seeing one story in every episode as in focusing someone and well the only exciting one was when they went to attack the Saviours.

In this episode we saw Denise the doctor wanting to prove her worth and finally she does killing a zombie and well she goes on ranting about how important it was to her and boom she gets shot by the same person who took the bow and arrow of Deryl!

You have to give it to those guys they are tough and Eugene also became stronger now a ‘survivor’ and he bites the private part of the dude and created a distraction.

That’s it for the episode but we see Carol leave a letter and is most likely leaving.

The series needs to quickly find a story and a good plot as in not just 2 in 6 episodes being exciting and try not to create boring ship to only end it in a second.