Another (2012)

Another is a anime that came out in 2012. The storyline about a kid by the name of Kouichi Sakakibara  who just transferred from Tokyo to Yomiyama North Junior High. When we first meet him he in the hospital bed when he wakes up three students that go to Yomojyama North Junior High School are there standing over him they start talking to him by asking him personal question like if he ever lived at Yomiyama before his move here the first episode dose do a good job at setting up a very dread feel.After Koyichi gets out of his hospital bed and heads to the  elevator to leave he see this strange girl with dark hair and a eye patch by name of Mei Misaki. At first your not so sure if this character is alive or dead because how all the classmates  ignore her plus everytime we the viewer see Koyichi talk to her it done in the notion he is the only one there talking. Now this anime is all about build up to revealing why are all the students acting strange and why they are ignoring Misaki character as well. It turns out that this school class room is curse every year there this curse that if the class has more than number of students it should have people start dying until the person who is the dead one dies. Now the deaths in Another are pretty much similar to the deaths that you get in like a final destination movie like for  example there a scene were this girl runs away scared only to trip on the stairs fall down them and get   impaled by the umbrella she was carrying through the neck then die.

This anime is not straight up a gore fest once the curse is trigger there are moments were the viewer get to bond with all these characters and learn about each one before some them die. The show really try’s to build on the mystery behind the curse along with these characters trying to figure out a way to stop it throughout the twelve episode run.

Another is anime that fans are going to like or dislike the anime dose take it time and it could be a little slow pacing for some but if you like a good mystery anime with final destination type death check out Another you might just enjoy it.   As a horror fan and a anime fan I would give this anime for it story characters and over all enjoyment a 3 out 5

Another is  available  on blu ray right now