Bates Motel (S04E03): “Til Death Do You Part”



In tonights episode of Bates Motel, we saw the anticipated Norma and Romero wedding, Norman is now at mental facility. 

So that whole Norma and Sheriff Romero wedding was so kinda sweet, I mean Alex looked honestly very happy he even got her a ring. I think the dynamic for Norma is just a little odd since she isn’t used to sharing her things with anyone else besides Norman, which is why she’s finding it as such a big adjustment.In tonights episode they shared alot of sweet moments, one that were long overdue and anticipated. Also just to see a lighter side of them was very nice.

Meanwhile, Emma is still recovering at the hospital with Dylan keeping her company. The rules surrounding Normans stay at the facility, seem to not be going so well, especially his first therapist session.

That scene where Norma visits Norman is also worthy of mentioning, I mean woah talk about intense, I mean weve seen them disagree and argue, but that was another level of emotion.