Castle: (S08E15) “Fidelis ad Mortem”


The show opens with the sound of a gunshot and a man crawling with blood coming out of his mouth. A man is behind him with a gun and then he switches to a knife.

Castle is in the kitchen cooking and Beckett comes in and they both look happy. Beckett guesses that Castle has found out something about his missing time and that is what he wants to talk about. Meanwhile Martha comes in and Beckett hides. I guess they are hiding the fact that they are back together even from his mom. She wants to show him the book she has written and the dedication is to him. Castle’s’ phone rings and it is Beckett who says she managed to sneak out through the back bedroom.

Beckett is on the crime scene looking at the body. The victim is Daniel Bardot and is a recruiting officer for the NYPD. The shooter used the knife to cut out the bullet and Beckett says that means the gun is in the system. Beckett, Espo, & Ryan are at the police academy and they see some of Beckett’s trophies. Beckett learns that Bardot’s parents were killed when he was nine. His trainer says Bardot’s emotions got him in trouble and it got especially bad the last few days.

Hayley tells Castle that he chickened out of telling Beckett what he found out. Castle shows Hayley the video of him explaining why he wanted his memory erased.

Ryan and Espo go to look at Bardot’s room. A female recruit officer named Decker comes in and asks what they are doing in that room and that she wants to help. The training officer comes in and it is revealed that Decker is really just a trainee.

Laney got a bullet fragment from Bardot’s body and it matches a weapon assigned to the academy but the weapon is missing. She calls Beckett with that information. Beckett discovers that only Bardot’s team has access to where that weapon was being stored and the killer has to be one of the recruits and that they will have to use all their wits to get the killer to confess.

Beckett acts as a guest instructor and the main instructor or lead trainer orders the class of recruits to treat her with respect or they will be in trouble. She assures the team of recruits that the police will find their fellow recruit’s killer and that they cannot let their feelings get in the way of their work. She asks them how they feel about their fellow recruit’s death. One says they are pissed off. Decker says her offer to help still stands and that she wants to get out there and find the killer.

Beckett works with the lead trainer and says she wants to put the class through a stressful assignment and see how they react. Beckett and the lead trainer go into the locker room where they find a note in Bardot’s locker warning him off of saying anything. The note says “Keep your mouth shut Bardot.  Dead men tell no tales.”

Castle goes to the precinct and Espo fills Castle in on the case that Beckett is working on. Espo and Ryan are interviewing someone who they know is selling drugs to a police officer but the dealer doesn’t know who it is as they never met. The dealer says they communicated by blue notecards in his locker like the blue notecard warning Bardot off of saying anything.

Beckett is leading the training class in interrogation techniques. Beckett interrogates a trainee who starts off confident but then loses her confidence when Beckett places a bag on the table. Then Decker comes up to take the place of the one being interrogated. Decker and the recruit before her are telling a story about how four of them went to the fights last night. It is revealed that two of the four left early. The topic of a performance enhancing drug comes up and a recruit named Chambers bolts from the room but is caught by Ryan and Espo. I must say it is really good to see Beckett doing some actual police work. It is like the good old days.

Beckett is interrogating Chambers and at first he is all brave saying he wants a lawyer but then Beckett gets him to talk. The name recruit officer Decker comes up which is that female recruit officer who wants to help. Beckett finds Decker punching a mannequin and shows her some moves. Beckett says something to Decker about getting caught fraternizing with another recruit. Decker asks if Beckett will have her booted and Beckett says no but that she needs to tell Beckett everything.

Espo finds out that the weapon has been found and that the gun was signed out to Bardot so he was shot with his own gun. Chambers said Bardot asked Chambers for $5,000 but neither Chambers nor Decker know what he needed the money for so badly.  Decker just says that the last few nights Bardot came back smelling like fish.

Later that night Castle comes to Beckett’s office saying he knew about Locksat including their connection to Bracken and he asked to have these memories erased to protect Beckett from herself. Beckett is not happy and says she needs time to process this. She is tired of him trying to protect her.

Ryan and Espo have footage of Bardot an hour before he dies. The victim was in cahoots with the Irish mafia and was a plant at the academy. Bardot’s contact was named Flanagan. Beckett says Bardot must have had a change of heart and was murdered for it. I am thinking maybe Flanagan had something to do with the deaths of Bardot’s parents.

Beckett is thinking about what Castle said about protecting her from herself. Espo comes in to interrupt her with information on Bardot. Bardot had gotten some information on Flanagan and confronted him on it. Flanagan must have killed him over that information. Beckett confronts Flanagan with what she finds and Flanagan is all cocky saying the police have been trying to take him down for the last 20 years. Beckett says to go on being cocky because the cocky ones always get caught.

Beckett comes over to Castle’s and tells him not to talk. Instead she pours them a few drinks. Beckett says she can’t believe they are back to this where they are each protecting the other. Castle asks if they are not talking, what are they doing? The next morning Castle is passed out cold in bed with Beckett sitting on the edge of the bed.

Beckett is interviewing Decker and finds out that Flanagan is her father. She is the result of a one night stand. Flanagan finds out and threatens to ruin her career. He can’t have his daughter be a cop. Bardot must have sacrificed himself for Decker. Decker asks what she can do. Beckett says she is the one person Flanagan might talk to so they set up a meeting and Beckett tells Decker she has to wear a wire. Flanagan says so the prodigal daughter returns. What does she want? Decker cracks and asks why he had to kill Bardot. Decker points a gun at Flanagan and demands that he starts talking. Beckett has her gun on Decker. Bardot had asked Flanagan to back down from whatever they were involved in. Ryan and Espo are there too. Flanagan says Bardot may have been followed by someone in a dark sedan. Beckett tells Decker to stand down and finally Decker lowers her weapon. Flanagan tells his daughter she is more like him than she knows.

Decker wants to quit the academy and Beckett tells her not to quit. Beckett says she wanted to quit too but her captain didn’t let her quit and Beckett isn’t going to let Decker quit. Beckett goes to tell the training captain that Decker is quitting so apparently Beckett’s encouragement didn’t help.

Ryan and Espo find out the car Flanagan was talking about is registered to a member of the training department. It must be registered to the main training officer Beckett has been working with and who she is talking to right now. This training officer asks Beckett if everything is all right and the two of them pull a gun on each other. Beckett accuses the officer of wanting to protect Flanagan. The officer, I am not sure what his name is, says that someone else borrowed his car the last few days. The captain of the police academy comes by and it becomes clear he is the murderer. He claims he needed money so he was in business with Flanagan. He was in a lot of debt after three failed marriages. Beckett takes down the captain but not before he shoots the training officer. Was there any doubt Beckett would take down the bad guy? The training officer will be OK. He is carried out on a stretcher. Decker is there and says at least they caught Bardot’s killer even though Flanagan is still free. Beckett asks if she still wants to be a cop and Decker says yes.

Castle and Hayley are at Castle’s office and Castle tells Hayley that he has made a decision not to hide anything else from Beckett regarding Locksat. Hayley approves of that decision.

Later, both Castle and Beckett say they can’t do this anymore. It sounds as if they will both tell each other everything from now on and work together to solve this. Castle says he was shot within two hours of finding Locksat. He says it’s not much but it’s a place to start. Beckett says no, this is, and kisses Castle. Caskett fans everywhere are rejoicing.

The brilliant Molly Quinn, who plays Castle’s daughter Alexis, is grossly underused by the TV show. I don’t recall seeing her in this episode.