Gotham: (S02E15) “Mad Grey Dawn”

With Dr. Hugo story set to be ignored in this episode we got to see nothing about Mr. Freeze after seeing him for a few episodes.

Having three stories in this season now the one being Bruce hanging out with Selena trying to learn the life of the hood. He did take a beating and some stitches but he still hasn’t gotten the smart edge as Selena. 

The second one is the whole Nigma story with him being a riddler and now this is actually the best one so far with him playing Jim in so many ways possible! Imagine one person being able to mess up with everyone in the police force and still get away with it all because Jim was going to investigate his girlfriend’s disappearance.

And the third the still being built up is Penguin’s father showing up. Just by their house and faces you see the creepiness and the darkness and you know something is not right! 

Basically right now Gotham is in the middle of deciding which story to choose. Between the three stories we see and the fourth one silenced they don’t have enough time to showcase all their stories and they can’t see to find a right direction to choose which story really matters! Which is why it’s still is a little boring.