Scorpion: (S02E20) “Djibouti Call”


Team Scorpion gains a new team member tonight named Tim Armstrong played by Scott Porter. Cabe picks him up outside the government office. Toby is dancing on top of a table in bare feet at the Scorpion headquarters due to a truth or dare game. Sylvester is working with an attorney to see if he can get on some gameshows to raise money to have a hospital wing named after Megan. Megan is his deceased wife and Walter’s sister.

Walter has done a background check on the new team member. Cue Cabe and Tim’s entrance to Scorpion headquarters. Walter introduces himself and the rest of the team to Tim. Tim compliments Happy on one of her projects so Toby has to chime in and say that he is Happy’s boyfriend. Tim seems unimpressed by that fact.

Team Scorpion has been hired to install a newly developed audio system at Camp Halsey in Djibouti. The Feds asked for Scorpion because they work good and fast and are willing to pay for it. Toby asks Tim about the gaps in Tim’s record and Tim says he was a Seal who got injured so now he is working with Homeland Security and requested Team Scorpion while he recovers.

Sylvester is asking their greeting team in Africa about monkeys on base. He says they are like humans yet they throw feces. LOL! Tim asks Cabe if they are always like this. Cabe says no, sometimes they are weird. I love how Cabe delivers these funny lines with a completely straight face.

Walter notices that Tim knew the door handle functioned funny at the base and knew how to turn it to get it to work. Walter is suspicious that Team Scorpion was asked to Camp Halsey for a relatively easy project. Walter links in to the base’s internet and says they are being deceived and that Tim is not who he says he is.

Meanwhile Cabe and Tim are out on reconnaissance and Tim tells Cabe to stay behind him. Tim and Cabe are after a man dressed in a white shirt who is surrounded by bodyguards. They sneak into a building and Tim tells Cabe what they are looking for. They find a bowl with a hole in it and take a picture of it. They exit the building. The man in the white shirt comes out of a porta potty and sees them and they start shooting at each other. Cabe & Tim’s vehicle is almost out of gas. Tim says he is not losing another man over this and Cabe tells him he doesn’t have a choice and Cabe shoves Tim out of the car and tells him to get back to base. The bad guy knocks Cabe out with his gun.

Walter says he is searching about Tim to learn who he is working with. One of Tim’s files is marked top secret plus. Walter opens it even after Toby says doing so is a high crime. It talks about the mission Tim was on where he got his discharge. When Tim makes it back to the base and Walter confronts him Tim says they are looking for someone named Copley who is importing antiquities. Terrorists have been raiding Middle Eastern museums and selling these items for millions and then the terrorists buy weapons. Walter accuses Tim of roping Cabe into a suicide mission. Tim says the government asked Cabe to complete a mission and Cabe said yes.

Sylvester tries to track Cabe by using his cell phone. They get an audio and hear him talking but Cabe is being beaten. Copley, the man with the white shirt, asks Cabe who he is working for and who his friend is. Cabe doesn’t answer. Copley tells his friends to work Cabe over until he talks.

Team Scorpion discovers the bowl that they are looking for is worth $5 million. The bad guys were going to copy it, sell the fake, and replace the original, using the 3D printer on the base. Tim has the soil that the bad guys were going to use to make the bowl to make it seem authentic. It is soil that is only found in the area. Team Scorpion is making the bowl.

Cabe is still being beaten up. They ask him if he has anything to say. Cabe says yes, “Your breath stinks.” Copley instructs his men to spread some plastic under Cabe. OK. That doesn’t sound good.

Tim and Paige pose as the buyers as Tim says they never saw the buyers. Copley says the military attempted to steal the bowl and one of the two team members died and the other was hurt. Tim has all he can do to control himself as he is the one who was wounded. Paige reaches over, takes Tim’s hands and says they are there for art, not to fight. As they are about to go look at the $5 million bowl, Sylvester drops and breaks it as a monkey jumps out. Sylvester and Happy scramble to fix the bowl. Actually, I think it is the fake bowl they are working on.

Sylvester and Toby are followed into the building where Cabe is and are knocked to the floor by the bad guys. Cabe says, “Great. The cavalry’s here.” I love how Cabe maintains his sense of humor no matter what happens.

The monkey has landed on Sylvester and his facial expressions are priceless. Cabe, even though tied up, kicks at and knocks out some of the bad guys. Now that the bad guys are knocked out the team is able to roam freely again.

Copley takes Tim and Paige in to look at the bowl. Copley tells them it is museum quality as it was in a museum a year ago. Sylvester goes in to where Cabe, Toby, and Walter are and says there are monkeys everywhere. Tim tells Copley the bowl is damaged and underwhelms him. Copley says it is 4,000 years old and they had a deal. A bad guy enters and tells Copley there is another couple outside claiming to be the couple interested in the bowl. Oops. Copley tells his partner to take Tim and Paige out in the desert and maybe in another 4,000 years someone will find them.

Through the ear piece Happy tells Tim and Paige to knock over a shelf to create a distraction so they can get out of there. Cabe is at the car with a gun. Walter is in the car telling Tim and Paige to hurry. Paige gets shot and lies down in the back seat. Toby and Sylvester are also in the car. Happy runs after the car and gets in. At least the team is together. They make it back to the base. Paige is OK. They are able to return the stolen bowl to the museum.

The team returns to the home of Team Scorpion. Happy tells Toby the truth or dare has to stop. Toby says he needs the endorphin rush to replace the rush he gets from gambling. Happy kisses him and asks him if he will have to do any more dares. Toby says no. Great moment between Happy and Toby.

Tim is treating Paige’s wounds and she thanks him for it. It must have just been a flesh wound. Then Tim says he thanks her for keeping him cool when Copley was talking about killing his partner. Paige says she was just doing her job and Tim says she does it very well.

Sylvester’s attorney comes and asks Sylvester where he was all day. Sylvester says Africa and the attorney doesn’t believe him. The attorney says he tried to file motions with the game shows where Sylvester applied and was denied and he was thrown out for disturbing the peace and has a court date next week. The attorney is named Heywood and says maybe Sylvester should hire a real attorney. Sylvester says he tried and they all turned him down. Sylvester says he wants to keep Heywood as his lawyer and that everyone on Team Scorpion struggles. Sylvester promises Heywood that he will win his first case. The show ends with the sounds of Tim and Paige laughing together while Walter looks on. It might be time for Walter to step up and admit his feelings to Paige.

Promos for next week look as if the team is caught up in a tornado while working a case.