Shameless (S06E10): “Paradise Lost”



In tonight’s episode of Shameless, a lot of changes went down. Not only did Debbie finally give birth to her baby, but she also realised that she had to get out of the commune. Which she finally did, I mean we see alot of crazy things on this show,  but this is really out of there usual standards.

So after the proposal of Sean and Fiona, he moves into the Gallagher house. Meanwhile Fiona is pulling out all the stops for her wedding, in order to make sure she gets it right, she’s doing everything the traditional way.

So Lips been having it pretty rough over the last couple episodes and things don’t just stop for him in tonights episode. Turns out that he was more drunk than he thought he was, and that going to the ER was the least of his problems. Not only did he get kicked out of his sorority room and lose his job there. But because of his drunken antics turns out he now has to go to mandatory alcohol abusers meetings, otherwise he will be expelled. 

So turns out Ian passed his test with flying colours, the only downside is that he answer questions about medical history. The odder part of this whole situation is that turns out that Caleb was the one who talked him into lying about it anyway.

Other mentionable parts of this episode, was Carl spending the day with his girlfriends father, and deciding that he wanted to be a cop. Also the fact that Svetlana and V were spending alot more time with each other, it seems like they could totally pull of the whole marriage scheme.