Awkward: (S05E14) “WTF Happened Last Year”

We have been wondering what exactly happened after seeing Jenna and Matt having their problems to the point where they refuse to talk to each other.

Turns out Lisa dropped out from college and meets Jake who is there singing for her in an American accent in Spanish on her birthday. And she being an awesome friend gets him fired and gets him a job in a better place.

Back to Tamara who surprisingly isn’t fitting in with her colleagues. Someone who could charm anyone was being oppressed into her own world while Jenna was the one making all the friends! And that is how Sadie shows up saves the day and becomes the new friend!

Fine I was delaying! Jenna and Matty story! It’s kind of stupid and stupid and stupid how they broke up. He gets into a fight because he calls her friends stupid but in the morning we see him say he wants to transfer to her university she says she doesn’t want him and boom break up! Bad writing…