Shadowhunters (S01E11): “Blood Calls to Blood”



In tonights episode of Shadowhunters, Izzy is put on trial, meanwhile Clary, Luke and Jace have received important information on the whereabouts of Valentine. 

So tonights episode, picks up right where we left off as Jace is reunited with his father, who was dead, but turns out that he actually wasn’t. Although in the end that turned out to be a lie, I mean I loved the deceptive nature of this episode. Especially the scene where Clary’s like “Your not the only one that can cast a glamour spell”. That reveal was awesome, but I kinda saw it coming, it was a little too obvious, I wish they had made it more subtle, so that we as the audience couldn’t have pieced it together as easily. Unless that was there intention. 

On the other hand, Alec being the protective brother he is, enlists the help of Magnus Bane to help Izzy with her trial. I really love how we get to delve more into not only Magnus and Alec’s relationship, but also Izzy and Alec brother and sister bond.