The Flash (S02E16) “Trajectory”

This episode brought up quite a lot that Barry needed to work on and I’m glad that they changed it up for the beginning of the episode where Wells (Tom Cavanagh), Cisco (Carlos Valdes), and Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) are all training Barry (Grant Gustin) near a waterfall to try to make him go faster and jump really long distances, but whats the old saying try and try again and you will eventually succeed.

In the episode Team Flash or the fun ones (Cisco, Caitlin, Barry, Jesse ‘Quick’ Wells, Iris, & Wally) chose to take a night off from training and taking down bad guys, but immediately once Barry starts having a good time, a new threat emerged to steal the good name of the Flash. Once someone yells “Help the Flash just robed me” Barry runs into action trying to catch the new speedster but to only find out hes not fast enough. When Barry tells the team about how much faster the other speedster was the team confessed while Barry and Cisco were away to Earth-2, Caitlin created a formula to make speed which was called Velocity 9 (and of course Cisco approves of the name). When Barry demands to try the drug Caitlin told him the side effects that it caused Jay, mainly the cell degeneration part which got Barry to rethinking about taking the drug. When Barry gets word that the speedster is back at it again he goes again to try to take it down, only to find out that its a sexy woman speedster, but the suit was made almost like Barry’s! But during that Caitlin got to thinking that someone might’ve stolen her research for the V9 when she rethinks about a woman/colleague from Mercury Labs who helped her create the formula for V9, which ends up being Eliza Harmon (Allison Paige), when Caitlin and Joe go to talk to Eliza she tells both of them no one has stolen anything from her research that its air tight sealed away. Once Joe and Caitlin leave; Eliza begins to talk to herself with her other self saying to take the V9 and to get more from Caitlin, Eliza says no that they need to save the V9 for a special time, but other personality aka Trajectory said no and forced Eliza to take the formula to get the speed again. Trajectory then makes a trip to Star Labs to get more of the V9, immediately Caitlin recognized Trajectory being Eliza, but then she has to say “Oh Eliza is not here right now, I’m Trajectory” which made Cisco give off a hilarious one liner “It just had to be one of the crazy ones” or something like that. So eventually the team gives Trajectory the formula but tests it on Jesse which forces her to seizure and almost die until they did a blood transfusion with Wells. After they are done saving Jesse’s life, the team tracks down Trajectory, which forces Barry to have to stop her before she takes down a bridge full of people. Barry gets all of the people off the bridge but Eliza/Trajectory takes down the bridge. Barry asks Wells how much speed would he need to make the jump which ends up being a short point of Mock 3.3, once Barry made the jump he took down Trajectory, begging her not to take the formula anymore, but she doesn’t listen and takes it again. Once Trajectory starts running Barry noticed that the lightening Trajectory was producing was blue and not yellow and just like that Trajectory disintegrated right in front of him. Barry begins to have suspicions about that blue lightening because of Zoom being the same way, which then allows Wells to realize that Zoom is dying and thats why he needs Barry’s speed. The team finds out who Zoom is!

This episode was a really good one or at least to me it was a really good one. I am looking forward to the next episode, but before that new episode you all should check out Supergirl next week for The Flash and Supergirl crossover event happening on next Monday!

The Flash Episode 17: Flash Back will air next Tuesday March 29th