Arrow (S04 E16) “Broken Hearts”

Review: After a break – Arrow is back on! I was excited for the episode, but it didn’t bring me as much “joy” as I had hoped.
Cupid came back to the city, willing to murder happy celebrity couples. The villains in season 2/3 were awesome – I especially loved Deadshot – but now I wish Arrow presented new characters/villains that would make us both hate and love them. Cupid is a cool villain, but I feel as if we’ve seen enough of her.

It’s been tough for Olicity and this situation didn’t help at all. We’ve seen Felicity return her engagement ring (she doesn’t wear one in the grave scene, either), but now they had to fake a wedding for Cupid. It’s sad how Felicity is trying to drift apart from Oliver, when he is clearly not ready to give up. Oliver said to Barry once that guys like them don’t get girls like Felicity. It’s the truth. He will always be the man on the island, the man who keeps his secrets sealed. He is “programmed” to lie to her and their relationship just can’t work.
I like Olicity, but now I am also excited to see more action in the city. We know the show has a lot of watchers who are comic supporters, which means they weren’t obsessed with the romance on the show. I am HOPING we get more Oliver/Felicity badass scenes individually now.
Will Olicity be back on together at the end? And what does all of this even mean for Felicity – can she work alongside with Oliver or not? Who knows. I just know I am hoping the romance drama shrinks down a little bit.

Not to focus on Olicity too much, we have to mention the fact that Damien Darhk is being held in prison! And it’s mostly because of Lance. Now we don’t know what is going to happen with Lance’s career, but that got me thinking … Seeing Laurel work with the law was really pleasing. I sometimes forget what her actual job is. And … The clip by the end showed us that Damian apparently can’t be stopped, his (annoying) magic will get him out of all kind of mess.

I am a hater of Damien Darhk. I feel as if the rest of the seasons had better villains. The man can’t even fight! All that he has got is his magic. Similiar goes to Reiter … These flashbacks are just standing still for me. I wish they explained the situation more and stopped stalling. It feels like stalling to me, anyway.

I am also hoping the clips from the future appear more often. The season is nearly ending, which means we need to get more answers. Who is in the grave? My best bet would still be Diggle – though I hope I am wrong. Dig is currently my favorite character.

What did you think of the episode and can you answer to some of the question that I’ve got? Comment down below!