Modern Family: (S07E17) “Express Yourself”

Review: This was quite a fun episode! Basically all of the couples have their own crisis. Haley and Andy are trying to impress each other with proving that they can party – as Haley used to. Neither of them actually prefers this way of spending the night, but they pretend for each other anyway. Which ends up being a good thing, because they win a lot of money. Yay!

Phil convinced Claire to go to Paris. Now they have to stay up all night, so they can get sleep on the plane and spend a nice day in France. It’s funny when they try to do EVERYTHING to stay awake.
Phil:”YOU are asleep!”
(That line reminds me of “I am not crying, you are crying”).
Also – how good is Phil’s french? “Pressez-vous le square orange.”

Cam’s sister is the drama queen – apparently the family has this in their blood – and it’s got Mitch stressing out.
In the other house – Jay and Gloria just had a fight over Jay’s new bathroom project. Both Mitch and Jay end up being right in their arguments and we get a scene of them spending time together, which are my favorite ones! Jay gets to be the caring father. He takes Mitch to a karaoke club where Mitch gets to dance off to a little Madonna. What’s a better way of relaxing, am I right?

Madonna even ends up saving the whole argument in Mitch’s house!

Little Joe just wanted a glass of water and he ended up getting stuck. Joe is my favorite in this show and I love his lines – he is the cutest.

The episode was funny, with Phil being the funniest part of the cast – which we knew before.

Let’s tune in to the next episode, Phil and Claire being in France would be awesome. We could hear Phil’s French again!