Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice

I just got out from a pack theater of Batman Vs Superman Dawn of Justice and here’s what I think .

Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice is DC attempt to try to build towards a Justice League movie much like how Marvel builded towards the Avengers films and I must say despite some missteps the film is  actually pretty good.

The whole thing that starts the feuld between Batman and Superman is  different points of view on things. On one hand Bruce Wayne lost a lot of his employees during the final fight that happen at the end of Man of Steel.Sense then Bruce Wayne been trying to track down Superman and find a way to deal with him because he consider him a threat.

Now Superman sense we last saw him at the end of Man of Steel is still working for the Dailey Planet as Clarke Kent while being in a relationship with  Louse Lane. Superman problem throughout the film is public image no matter what he dose his character feels guilt over what the public thinks of him even when he just trying to help and mask  bat vigilante is not helping his image. Clarke see what Batman is doing from tv news report and to him it’s not good because how Batman handles things compared him.

Now this is one thing I should point out  Ben Affleck Batman is very different from others we seen play the role. This Batman is very haunted by his parents death while also not being afraid to kill people. His character also brand his symbol on criminals so they might get killed in jail. This Batman is pretty much the closest were going to get to Frank Miller Batman in The Dark Knight Returns.Some are going to like it while others might not.

One of the things some fans sort of wondered including me is how would Jesse Eisenberg do at playing Lex Luther in this film and I have to say he did a pretty ok job. His Lex Luther is really cocky and you don’t really see his pure evilness until the end of the film were I think he shine the most.

The one person I was really excited for with is movie was Wonder Women mainly because this characters has yet to be on the big screen and casting Gal Gadot for the role was perfect in my eyes. When you see her in all her glory me and my whole theater went crazy. I’m very much excited to seeing more of her character in future films.

The big fight between Batman and Superman is worth seeing on the big screen. There fight felt very raw both Batman and Superman fight each other for very different reason and once you know what they are you will understand why I can’t say in this review.

The one thing I will say I thought brought this movie down just a little was the fact there are times were you might feel they overcrowded the film in rush for a Justice League film while also trying to put key things that happen in the Superman comics rather than saving them for later.

When all is said and down dispite some flaws Batman Vs Superman Dawn of Justice was still a good film and worth seeing on the big screen. If you like Man of Steel and you are a fan of these DC character go see this movie.

3 out of 5 stars