Black-ish (S02E18): “Black Nanny”

Review: Bow decides that  what the family needs is a nanny! Dre isn’t all too happy about this idea, as he doesn’t think hiring a nanny is a very black thing to do. After a few interviews, they meet Vivian, consistently referred to by Dre as “black nanny”. Vivian seems more than perfect, as she not only takes care of the kids, but Bow and Dre as well! Bow becomes enamored with Vivian, who manages to braid her name into her hair.

But Dre just can’t get comfortable. As much as he likes it that Vivian makes him lunch (three bags worth of lunch!), he can’t help but feel weird about their black nanny. At work, his co-workers let him know that what he’s struggling with, is his black white guilt, stemming from having gone from *being* the help to *hiring* help.

But then, Bow changes her mind: Vivian has got to go. Because, as it turns out, Vivian has been airing out their dirty laundry at the nail salon. And when Bow went down to the salon to get the same kind of nails as Vivian, she overheard the gossip on her own marriage!

Before they confront Vivian about it, though, they see Vivian with the kids and realize how wonderful of a nanny she actually is. Later, they still confront her, but instead of firing her, they want to establish some boundaries. Looks like Black Nanny is here to stay!

Additionally, Diane is running for class president. But when her opponent seems to be in the lead, Zoey starts coaching her and helps her make the other girl look bad with a smear campaign. That is, until Vivian straightens them out. However, in the end, Diane still loses and pretty much declares war on Vivian. Should be fun!