Chicago PD (S3E18): “Kasual With A K”

screen shot 2016 03 24 at 8 05 08 pm - Chicago PD (S3E18): "Kasual With A K"Review:

If there’s one thing this episode was, it certainly wasn’t “Kasual.” “Kasual With A K” followed two cases, a shooting at a Women’s Shelter and catching “cat-fishers” on the dating app, “Kasual.”

The first case, handled by the Intelligence Team, follows a web of women and related men which ends with multiple dead and the real criminal off the hook. Voight, being who he is, made sure the criminal would still suffer, threatening him to leave town in the following twenty-four hours. This investigation leads to a discovery about Erin Lindsay’s past.

The prime focus of Chicago PD is, of course, the cases the Intelligence team and other police officers solve. We rarely get a glimpse at the past lives of the officers.  There are times these backstories don’t seem important, but my love for each character would grow tremendously if I knew more about their personal lives. Last nights episode gave us a little more insight on Erin Lindsay, as she revealed to Val she, too, was in a shelter as an eleven year old girl. Halstead brings this revelation up at the end of the episode, in which Erin hesitantly explains more, noting, “it’s not like a bad memory.” While this is only a small tidbit about Lindsay, this information helps me relate to her more than just a police officer. I can understand her reactions towards certain cases more. I can understand some of her quirks better than before. I hope the writers continue to find ways to teach us about these characters because it only makes the experience of Chicago PD deeper. 

At the same time as this chaos of the Intelligence Team’s case, Roman and Burgess set up a fake dating profile on the app, “Kasual” in an attempt to “catfish the cat-fisher.” This was a perfect plot line to highlight the possible romance between the two. The couple’s final scene was at the Shakespeare in the Dark play, in which Roman arrives as a surprise to accompany Burgess for the evening. 

My only negative comment is directed more at NBC’s promotion than at the actual episode in itself. For the entire week, #Lindstead has been promoted excessively. Yes, the couple had a semi-personal conversation to cap off the episode, but I would hardly classify this conversation as a steamy, dramatic, and important #Linstead moment. What the fans want is more than Halstead pouring Lindsay a drink. They want a relationship between the two. Fans want to see what they do when their off duty – and while these moments are certainly implied, it would be nice to see it on screen every once in a while. Also, I found this moment strange. It was clearly supposed to be romantic and a moment where Halstead understands Lindsay, but it didn’t come across “feel good.” It felt off beat. Did anyone else get this same feeling?

After a two week hiatus, Chicago PD came back with a thrill of an episode. Though not one of their best, it was certainly an enjoyable watch.

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