Damien: (S01E03)

Episode 3 of Damien moved the plot further while  introducing some new characters.

The first two episodes of Damien mainly focus on Damien Thorn  discorvory about being the  Antichrist along with people around dying strangely around him. This episode was about him trying to wrap his head around everything  that he just learn about and rather or not if he fully believe it.

One of the shining points with Damien so far is  Barbara Hershey  performance as Ann Rutledge and with this episode you saw how manipulative her character  can be. There one scene were these people that want to control Damien and not take there time with bringing the the end of the world want to push her character out from looking after him. Her character plays along only to manipulate Damien new watcher into making it look like he push her when Damien was watching from afar so he would chase after the guy which leads to the guy getting killed by getting his tie caught in the  elevator stairs and Damien saving a kid from being run over by a train.

The other thing that happen this episode was a cop by the name Detective  James Shay played by David Meunier who best known for his role on Justified was looking into all the strange death that have  occurred around Damien. His characters get attack by one of the hell hounds but instead of dying he was able to kill it sense it was only one.

The last important thing that happen is Simone character is looking into  Kelly  death because she feels she might be sending her a message beyond the grave.

I’m enjoying Damien so far it’s a slow build but I do like slow build at times.

3 out of 5