New Girl (S05E12): “D-Day”

Review: As Schmidt gets ready for D-day, the day on which he’ll be making the most important decisions with regards to the wedding, CeCe receives a job offer for Gas Station TV. Jess then decides to take Cece’s place for the day and help Schmidt out with the wedding preparations.  
As Jess quickly notices, Schmidt – who hasn’t even slept – is a little too on top of things, unable to let her actually make any decisions. Schmidt even makes Jess wear a helmet with a camera on it, so he can see everything Jess is doing. At the cake tasting, Jess releases she’s had enough. A rendition of Christina Aguilera’s “Genie in a Bottle” right in front of a small, very very relaxing fountain has Schmidt fast asleep and Jess free to take over the wedding preparations.  
At the winery, Jess meets a man named Gavin, who’s played by The O.C.’s Peter Gallagher. Jess and Gavin instantly hit it off. But when Jess returns to the loft, Schmidt isn’t so happy about this new union. Turns out, Gavin is none other than Schmidt’s dad! Yes, Jess made out with Schmidt’s dad!  
Then, when the door knocks later, it’s Jess’s turn to drop a bomb: Gavin is coming over for a date. Cece and Schmidt hide in Schmidt’s room, as they follow everything through Jess’s helmet. But when Gavin sees Schmidt’s wedding invitation – and even now, we still don’t find out Schmidt’s first name – and a picture of him on the fridge, he realizes Jess is friends with his son.  
When Jess lets Gavin know that Schmidt isn’t ready to see him, Gavin leaves a moving message for Schmidt through Jess’s helmet. This (and Cece!) makes Schmidt realize that he does want to see him. Gavin apologizes for being a crappy dad and Schmidt introduces him to Cece and even invites him to the wedding! 
Winston and Nick have their own stuff to deal with. Namely, figuring out whose job is harder! When Winston misses their “meat lunch” for the third time, their oldest and proudest tradition, because of his job, Nick swears up and down that being a bartender is much harder than being a cop. Winston, skeptical and rightfully so, decides to take over for Nick. He quickly realizes that Nick might have a point… But when Nick joins Winston on the job, Nick gets to see first hand what kind of work Winston does. At first, when it starts out as the most boring cop day ever, it seems as though Nick might be right. But when Winston and Ally get a call about a burglary, it gets exciting. And frightening, because the burglar ends up scaring the crap out of Nick.  
But Ally makes Winston realize that, for Nick, it’s not about Winston’s job being harder. Instead, it’s about getting Winston to see how much he’s matured. Nick apologizes to Nick for saying his job is harder dan Winston’s, but Winston lets him know that this is the first time he’s seen Nick really caring about a job. And then they have burgers, because they’re cute like that. 
In the end, Cece, Schmidt and Jess meet up with Winston and Nick at the bar, where they all try to process the fact that Jess made out with Schmidt’s dad!