Vikings: (S04E06) “What Might Have Been”

Now that things are actually starting out in course of it being the Vikings we all know! The action is about to begin!

The whole clan United set out for Paris, Ragnar takes his children with him leaving the youngest one. The creepy dude is back who took pain away from the youngest and that is going to be a whole new story.

With the clans not well United each one with his own agenda, the reach the land after a facing a storm and get rid of some soldiers. But their news of arrival still reaches to the French emperor and for that the new King decides to burn up the soldiers left alive along with his new friend Floki!

But that wasn’t the highlight! Two moments which everyone must be thinking about! Lagetha & Ragnar having their moments and you might still think why the hell did they separate! Yup I still do! But she really is pregnant and it wasn’t a fake stunt she pulled last episode! The second being Rollo is going to be leading the army against Ragnar something Ragnar and Bjorn weren’t happy about!