When Should A Series End?

Many of us wonder whether the series we are currently watching are going to make it in the long run, or if they will be cancelled.

Take Dominion as an example, fans loved it but it got cancelled. Surprisingly, the bad news came after a year as it got picked up for the second season, and, after another amazing set of episodes, though, it still didn’t survive!

The question is why did it get cancelled? Was the plot boring, stupid or did it just not attract the right amount of viewers to get a renewal?

No matter what fans think the only way to make sure a series is renewed is to watch it live, but again those who stream it or don’t live in the US can’t stay up at night just to watch the episode live as everyone has jobs or school to attend.  Plus, there are reports that viewership outside the US does not count in the ratings game.

Does that make it fair? As in all those who love the show can’t contribute to it other than tweeting and since it isn’t live it doesn’t show up in the bulk of tweets when the show is trending.

In this article we will discuss ‘When should series end?

There are two reason why series must end. The first being it has been on air for too long, second being it simply sucks.

Every series you have watched at some point in its time comes to either these two stages. You can call it the series cycle or whatever you like.

The Series Cycle:

1. Introduction/Launch – this is when the series is new with the pilot on the air. During this time the marketing department is really busy and every cast member does their best to bring in views.

e.g: The Catch just aired its Pilot episode today. The cast members are (re)tweeting and talking to viewers during the show and after the show.

img 4925 - When Should A Series End?
Cast member of The Catch
img 4926 - When Should A Series End?
Our vine about The Catch retweeted

2. Growth – the series begins to be viewed by many people all over the world. Work still has to be done as they want to capture as much of the audience they can and the continuous advertisement goes on.
e.g: Katherine McNamara’s interview with us!

rs 1024x691 151120131342 1024.shadow hunters freeform.ch.1112015 - When Should A Series End?

Now think about it, why would someone who is on the rise, having already starred in a huge movie such as Maze Runner do an interview with a new rising TV Series Hub?

The answer is simple, the more publicity you do the better. And if you check her Twitter you will see since the start of Shadow Hunters she has done tons of interviews.

3. Maturity – this is when the series has reached its peak as in the stage where there is no more room for improvement. The only way they survive is because of their existing fan base. It is hard to pinpoint exactly which series is at this stage. But we can say a very good example would be Scandal.

img 4927 - When Should A Series End?
Scandal (ABC)

Some viewers think the plot isn’t that great as they are basically just copying the whole Trump and Clinton story line. Those watching it are the ones who were in it for the long run and at season five it’s basically either stupid to stop watching or they are hoping for improvement.

4. Decline – this is when the series is falling.  The story is no longer captivating and the series is no longer moving in any direction. In my opinion, the best example is Modern Family.

img 4928 - When Should A Series End?
Modern Family (ABC)

This whole season has had little to no real comedy with every episode being a really bad idea of comedy or they use one character to do all the jokes. At the moment they are playing the Hayley game but that was happening for a long time and it’s like the whole Olicity game.

5. Extension – many series use this to make sure they delay their decline as in don’t get cancelled. A very excellent example is Awkward! In the extension stage, they try to create a new story and present it in a different way. Like in Awkward’s case they are now shuffling all the friends and trying to create new ships to lengthen their time.

img 4929 - When Should A Series End?
Awkward (MTV)

Many of you might disagree with new plot. But think about it, the series now has many characters all of which have had a past with a lot of history. They are all grown up and the only way for them to come together is in a break. The whole Matty and Jenna story is really boring and if you saw how they broke up you will be surprised as it’s, in my opinion, a very stupid reason.

Which series needs to end?


The series which has a problem and solving series. For those who are not aware what ‘Problem & Solving‘ (P & S) series is. It refers to any series that has the most of its time spent on one story where a problem arises and they go back regroup then come back and end the problem. The series only has a 5-7 minutes of plot development as in the story that actually matters.

Can you name a few of P & S series? Here are a few.

img 4930 - When Should A Series End?
Season 1 of Arrow. Cancelling a name one episode after another.
img 4931 - When Should A Series End?
Supergirl & The Flash. The Flash managed to get exciting towards the end last season.
img 4932 - When Should A Series End?
So far no story. Except for the minor investigations that started.


Some series have been on the air for too long. They have lost its essence and originality. They are trying to keep it alive by just making up new stories which aren’t really rest and basically just an extension way to keep it going.

Let’s name a few now:

img 4933 - When Should A Series End?
The Vampire Diaries has lost it’s touch.

Now that the main center of attention Elena is gone the series is trying to bring in new stories which really isn’t working out. Even the 3 timeline thing was a fail but fair play to them they are improving a bit but nothing like the old time.

img 4934 - When Should A Series End?
Scandal has been using Clinton & Trump as their plot line.

From being one of the intriguing story-lines it has now gone to copy the real life story with a Clinton and Trump story. We also have a Cruz look alike in it. Olivia Pope has also gone a bit silent as in she isn’t doing the awesome stuff she used to. Now the series can survive however by pulling a big stunt since we still have Papa Pope who is awesome there pulling the string so!

img 4928 1 - When Should A Series End?
Have you seen how Modern Family is now?

From being one of the best comedy shows it is now a mere shadow of its past! The jokes are just not funny anymore and the series its surviving because of it’s existing fan base.


New series that air and have basically no plot or even a basic idea. It’s like they are there for just being there. You can say they are there to fill in the calendar! Some of them may end up becoming great series but that is rare.

2016 0209 Crowded KeyArt 1920x1080 KO - When Should A Series End?
Crowded (NBC)

A new series with some big names which some of you may have seen during your childhood. But have you even seen the series? It totally sucks. Think about it how many times did you laugh at their jokes or at the idea of the episode? I have to say in my part I just watched it for watching it hoping it gets better but it didn’t.

2016 Heartbeat KeyArt 1920x1080 KO - When Should A Series End?
Heartbeat (NBC)

Unfortunately for NBC, they have added two shows that really aren’t that great. Having a doctor/surgeon type series which isn’t comedy is really hard! Think about it, what exactly do you think will happen in 40 minutes other than just watching surgery and problems at the hospital like a committee approving a heart or not?! And not only that they add a bit of love triangles to make it a little attracting but it really isn’t! Adding the icing to the cake, it is a problem solving happy ending type series…

That is it folks! Those are some of the series that must end and you may have more on your mind! Leave a comment below on what you think and tell us which series you think deserves to be axed!