You, Me and the Apocalypse: (S01E09) “24 Hours to Go”


After this episode, there is only one episode left. The show has been canceled by NBC after only one season. I can’t really blame NBC. The show was based around a premise that could only be sustained for one season. For those just joining us, the premise is that a huge crater is going to collide with planet Earth, completely destroying Earth. Thus, the name of the show, You, Me & the Apocalypse. The term Apocalypse means the complete final destruction of the earth.

At the beginning of this episode, Scotty, the President, the President’s wife, and General Gaines are headed for the bunker.

Sister Celine is talking to other clergy who claim Father Jude was having a breakdown and killed himself. Sister Celine says no, he was happy. Sister Celine requests to just be called Celine as she is no longer a part of the church.

Celine arrives at Jamie’s house where he is living with Frankie, Dave, Hawkwind, & Jamie’s adoptive mom. Jude’s Grandma arrives for Father Jude’s funeral and tells Jaime to go to hell.

Rhonda gets an unexpected hearing. Rhonda is found guilty of all charges and sentenced to death by hanging at midnight. I don’t know what all the charges are.

Mount Genesis is the name of the bunker. Once Scotty arrives at the bunker with the President, his wife, & General Gaines, General Gaines shoots the president then asks his wife if she wants to die today or tomorrow. She says tomorrow and runs.

There are a bunch of women at Mount Genesis. General Gaines tells the women he shot the President and says the President was not fit to lead the people. The General and Scotty tell the women they can leave now and it is their last chance to leave before they seal the bunker. We are not shown if any choose to leave.

Grandma meets Ariel. He has somehow broken into her house. Grandma tells Ariel he has a lot of nerve coming there. Ariel attempts to blackmail Grandma with revealing she is alive. Apparently she has been faking her death.  Grandma has been on the run for a long time. Grandma says fine, he can have his money but if she sees him again, she will have him killed.

At the prison, Rhonda is told to change clothes. A prisoner is brought by Hannibal style and it turns out to be Leanne. Leanne says “Oh hey hon. Have you lost weight?” and spits at the guards.

General Gaines asks Scotty if he shouldn’t be having a nervous breakdown as they just shot the President. General Gaines sends out a video worldwide advising that Operation Savior failed and that the crater is still on its way to destroy earth. General Gaines says no one will gain by this action and he will die with them.

Suddenly Jaime and his grandma come face to face. She claims to be able to save the lives of his wife and daughter. Jamie says that sweet but she can’t stop the crater from coming. She says she knows and to stop patronizing her. She hands him a bunch of paperwork about a bunker. Jaime says he doesn’t know her and she wants him to come live in a hole with her? Grandma says the definitive word in that sentence is live.

The Vatican is parading around someone as the Messiah and Celine says they met him and he claims to heal people and he is a fraud. Jaime’s adoptive mom says it doesn’t matter at this point.

Celine is in the bathroom feeling sick and apologizes to God. God appears in the shape of an old woman who says Jude sends his love. Celine apologizes for breaking her vows. God says she needs Celine as she was part of her plan. God disappears and Celine is left alone in the bathroom.

Rhonda wants a better meal for a last meal. She isn’t hungry though. Leanne is in the next cell eating up a storm. She says her husband turned her in after she let Rhonda escape. He also poisoned her kids against her. Her husband sold her out for a $10,000 reward after twenty years of marriage. Leanne tells her she will see her family again and that she won’t be alone unlike Leanne who says she doesn’t have anybody.

Scotty is ready to get down and dirty with General Gaines when he notices Spike and a woman in the room who says she works for his mom. She tells him that his mom is alive. Scotty doesn’t believe it and says he was an orphan since he was five years old. The woman says his mom is alive and she has a bunker with room for him but Scotty doesn’t want to go. Spike wants to go to the bunker and Scotty says he can go ahead. Then Scotty agrees to go get Rhonda and take Rhonda and Spike to the bunker. I am not going to lie. I am starting to get a little lost as to who is who. Does this mean that Jamie’s Grandma is the same person as Rhonda and Scotty’s mom? Exactly how many people in this show have their own bunker?

Jamie is in a car and gets run into by a truck driven by Ariel. Ariel gets ready to shoot Jamie point blank in the face. Instead, after the commercial break, Ariel has Jamie held prisoner in a bank vault. Ariel says he was always told by his mom that Jamie was better than Ariel. Ariel says he looked into Jamie and Jamie turned out to just be average and that Ariel kept Jamie that way. Ariel says he has watched Jamie for so long that he knows how Jamie moves, talks, and thinks. He leaves Jamie in the bank vault and plans to go home to Frankie and Hawkwind. Meanwhile Dave and Jamie’s adoptive mom show up at the bank announcing that she and Dave want to get married. Jamie (who is really Ariel) says no mom you’re not. Our family is already weird enough without him being my step dad. She goes on talking about how she always wanted to get married. His mom says she wants him to walk her down the aisle and faux Jamie finally agrees.

General Gaines and Scotty spring Rhonda from prison. Rhonda wants Leanne freed too. The guard wants to see the orders. Scotty and the guard fight for the guard’s gun. Scotty gets shot. Leanne gets out, gets the guns and helps shoot their way out as other guards appear.

Meanwhile, the comet is only 8 hours away. Celine is back in her nun’s garb, looks at the sky, and says she is ready.

Faux Jamie comes home to Hawkwind and Frankie and tells them about the bunker and that they are going and that their family will never be apart again. Meanwhile the real Jamie is struggling uselessly in the bank vault. Hawkwind tells faux Jamie that she loves him and he says he loves her too.

This episode was somewhat confusing. I am rather relieved that the season/series finale airs next week. What did you think of the episode?