The Middle (S07E18) “A Very Donahue Vacation”

Review: It’s spring break and the Hecks take a trip to Mammoth Cave, Kentucky (no, not Hawaii) because they have some money to spend after Hoosier Baby places a big diaper order at Li’l Rivals. And because Frankie wants someone to talk to during the trip, she invites the Donahues to come along.

Nancy and Frankie decide to talk to each other’s kids: Frankie will try to get Sean to take his MCAT and Nancy will talk with Brick about ‘his thing’ (if we never find out what this thing is, I’m going to be mad). Both Nancy and Frankie solve the problems for each other, but when Frankie is so proud of herself and feels like she’s a better parent than Nancy, Shelly (one of the Donahue’s daughters) accidentally overhears this. She blackmails Frankie, but still ends up telling her mom what Frankie said. Nancy of course forgives Frankie for saying what she said, she is still a Donahue after all. But she does get her revenge when she pushes Frankie in the pool moments later.

Axl tries to hook up with a girl during his spring break, and because Sean is busy with hot yoga, he asks Brick to be his wingman. They play the classic game of Jerk/No Jerk, where Axl ‘saves’ the girl from jerk Brick, and ends up talking to her. This goes well at first, but when Brick doesn’t want to be a jerk anymore and asks why Axl even needs him to be one, we see some story development for Axl. He realized that he and Devin might be done for real, even though he always thought that they would work things out. Now that Devin is hanging with this skater guy, I wonder if we will see her back.

Then Sue and Mike, they were not in the episode a lot (besides Mike doing some “cool” sightseeing) until Sue tells Mike something fun: she and Brad got summer jobs at Dollywood. Mike disapproves of his daughter living in Tennessee during the summer, but Sue informs him that she wasn’t asking if she could go, she was just telling him. Later Mike wants to lay down the law and say that she can’t go until he sees Sue in her dress. He sees that she is a woman now, smart and old enough to make her own decisions. And even though he still doesn’t like his daughter being away for the summer, he doesn’t say anything to her.

I thought this episode had solid storylines, but it got really good in the second half. Like Frankie said: I love it that we got to see that Nancy is not completely perfect when she pushed Frankie in the pool. I also thought it was really funny how Frankie tried to explain to Nancy what happened when Shelly overheard her. But the best part of the episode was that Sue was standing up for herself and Mike realizing that she was not his little girl anymore.

Rating: 9/10