Fresh Off The Boat (S02E17) “Doing It Right”

My apologies for the late review.

Review: Louis tries to win the North Orlando Chili Cook-Off, and asks Eddie to be his Chili Apprentice. But he doesn’t really value his son’s suggestions while making the chili and Eddie gets so tired of it that he decides to enter the contest himself. This leads to some great competition between the two and while they both don’t win (but end up in the top 3), they do learn to appreciate each other: Louis tells Eddie how good his chili was and Eddie thanks Louis for teaching him the basics of cooking.

Meanwhile, Jessica accidentally insults the mom of Evan’s friend JJ. Later JJ’s mom tells Jessica that Evan is not invited to JJ’s birthday party, and nothing changes about that after Jessica apologizes. On the day of the party, Evan still doesn’t know he was not invited, Jessica just decides to drop him off anyway and finds out that she was not the problem of why her son wasn’t invited, Evan was. He is too controlling over JJ according to his mom and Jessica realizes that that might be because of her. Evan explains that the reason why he acts the way does is because JJ listens to him and nobody at home does. Jessica gives him more space to make decisions at home, so that he doesn’t need to be bossy at school anymore.

This episode was great. It was very funny, and very heartfelt too. I loved seeing the rivalry between Eddie and Louis, and the scenes between Jessica and Evan were cute. Grandma Huang had some of the funniest lines this week, while see was waiting in the car to pick up the boys (and I love how much she still loves Garfield), but also Jessica was great in these scenes!

Rating: 9/10

Oh Jessica…