Grey’s Anatomy (S12E15): “Moving Forward”

Review: Last week we saw that Arizona broke the news to Jackson about April’s baby. What did she tell him exactly? Well, not that much. As we could see in this episode Arizona had only told Jackson about the baby just when April walked into the room. Jackson immediately starts yelling at her, because Arizona is the one to tell her. April unfortunately gets paged to the ER and called into surgery, so she can’t have this conversation right now. This leaves Jackson even more angry. April is very unhappy about the situation too and she is furious with Arizona. Let’s be honest though, it was really just a matter of time before Jackson would have guessed it himself. But I don’t think I have ever seen April this angry. She even tells Arizona to ‘go to hell’ and as April states herself, that should mean something because April believes in that kind of stuff.

As soon as April comes out of surgery Jackson is waiting to talk to her. When I say talk I mean yell in front of the whole hospital. Jackson just can’t stop yelling and tells April he is done with her and that baby. Of course he doesn’t mean it and dr. Webber is able to talk some sense into Jackson. Meanwhile dr. Hunt is comforting April who is having a mental breakdown. At the end of the day Jackson goes to April’s apartment to apologize to her. April explains her side of the story and is sorry about everything too. But Jackson gets angry – again – when he finds out April wasn’t planning on getting tested. April makes it perfectly clear, that he has no say over her body, not anymore and she ends the conversation by slamming the door in his face. So far this baby isn’t bringing people together and it also doesn’t seem like April will forgive Arizona for what she has done anytime soon.

And what is going on with Meredith and her General? Last we saw of William Thorpe was him standing outside the hospital, waiting for Meredith to ask her out once again. Meredith nor accepted nor declined the invitation. Yet. She gets called back in for a triple transplant surgery, but does accept to go out for drinks with Thorpe, unless of course she changes her mind.

Maggie is being fairly positive about the fact Meredith’s said yes to drinks (more or less) and she keeps pushing Meredith to go on this date. Alex on the other hand expects Meredith to eventually cancel her date and is trying to not make such a big deal out of dating (because he knows Meredith will definitely back out under pressure). The three of them perform the triple transplant surgery together, but not all doctors need to be OR all of the time, because they can only do one transplant at a time. This means Meredith has time to, let’s say, have a drink with a general. Yet Meredith just keeps checking in on the patient, even though she know she is not needed yet. As Maggie and Ales have said, they will page her when they are ready for her.

Meredith runs around in circles deciding whether or not to go for a drink with Thorpe. It looks like she has made up her mind when we suddenly see her shaving her legs. Amelia walks in on the emergency shave and helps Meredith prepare for her date by borrowing her a nice shirt and some good shoes. Meredith dresses up, but changes into scrubs again as soon as she can. She goes back into the OR and orders Wilson to get her phone and cancel her date. And although Alex predicted Meredith cancelling on her date he does know how to talk her back in to it again. He tells her that the first person after getting over someone will feel weird. She might as well get it over with now. That said, Meredith calls Thorpe herself. He shows up and instead of going out for drinks Thorpe offers to give Meredith a ride home. After all, he know what it feels like to come out of a 17-hour surgery. They end up having a good time just eating fast food out of the car. I just wonder how long Major Thorpe will be around…