Shameless (S06E11): “Sleep No More”



In tonights episode of Shameless, that ending was not a shocker, but even more despicable than the things that he’s done earlier this season. I mean putting a hit out on the man your daughter is going to marry, is a low blow. Not that it even bothers him, Frank has literally become so horrible, it’s going to be a waste of my time to talk about him.

So onto the other characters, Ian was having such a great time as a medic, until it was all ruined and his Boss found out about his voluntary psych admission. To make matters worse for him, just after he was finding a good place for himself, its such a let down.

But, I guess if I think Ian’s day was bad in this episode, its nothing compared to what Lip was going through. Psychologically its clear that he isn’t dealing well at all, and the outcomes of him acting out are finally taking affect. I was hoping to see Mandy back in this episode, but now just doesn’t seem like the right time, hopefully we will see her back though. 

Seems like Carl was the only one in tonights episode, who actually was doing okay, all his worries consist of are his girlfriends father not liking him. 

On the other hand, the whole con V, Kevin and Svetlana are doing is actually working, I mean it may not be believable to the guy checking it out, but theres no evidence against it, so we’ll see how long this lasts.

Lastly, Fiona and Frank, him paying for everything in her wedding was obviously to good to be true, and the way he obtained the money was even more disgusting.  That fight between Frank and Sean was intense, even though it needed to be done, cause lets be honest, Frank needs a wake up call every once in a well. More so if I had it my way. 

Also, I really hope Debbie comes around with the whole baby situation, and that she lets Fiona help her.

So after that ending, and the promo for next weeks episode, I’m really curious to see how things play out.