The Family: (S01E05) “I Win”


Show opens with kid running down the street. His face is beat up. He runs home and uses peroxide on his face. This turns out to be a young Hank 35 years ago. Poor Hank. Persecuted from a young age. His mom comes and helps him.

Present day, Hank is in the hospital beat up and singing. Officer Nina Meyer is there. Hank says yay. She asks who did this to him. Hank says you know who. She says no I don’t know. He says your friend John Warren did this to me. I was right last week. John did beat him up.

Bridey tells her boss how she got the DNA and her editor says that’s not ethical and won’t be usable.

At the Warren house, Claire is making breakfast. John comes in with damaged hands. Claire asks what happened and he said the neighbor’s dog. Adam gets a postcard. The suspect the show has been forcing on us is seen mailing a post card. It doesn’t take long and Claire and John take Adam in to the police station to talk about the post card.

The suspect is at a convenience store with his wife and brings out a bag of junk food for her. Remember a few episodes back Adam said his kidnapper had holes in his face? I suggested those were acne scars. In this scene, they do a good close up of the kidnapper’s face and he does have severe acne scars.

Flashback to around the time Adam disappeared. One of Adam’s coaches calls and leaves a message for Adam. Claire, young Willa, and John are there and look devastated as they listen to the message.

Back to present day, Officer Nina asks John where he was when Hank was beat up. He asks if she thinks he beat up Hank. She tells him to get a lawyer.

Meanwhile the suspect and his pregnant wife are on some sort of a road trip.

At the Warren house, they are trying to get an attorney for John. Willa asks John how the bat that beat up Hank got in their house. Danny comes in and Willa asks where he was last night. The alarm wasn’t set. Adam is on the stairs listening in.

Nina arrests John for the aggravated assault of Hank Asher. Willa is with her father. As they try to leave the court house a wall of reporters is in their way. Willa says they won’t be answering any questions at this time.

Hank is at a bakery. Yum! Everything looks good. He orders a cake and says he will eat it there. The clerk asks if he wants a message on it. We see Hank dig into the cake with the words “I Win” in red frosting on the cake.

Ten years ago Willa finds dad sitting on the bleachers at a playground. He has been drinking. It is late at night. She tells him mom is looking for him. John says Adam’s team won. Willa says to her dad, “Let’s go home.” He wet himself. Ewww…Really? Was that really necessary? Willa looks really freaked out.

Today, Bridey is at the courthouse with Willa saying she can help put a positive spin on what happened. Willa isn’t buying it. Willa arrives home saying they need to make a statement about the arrest and that she is getting slammed. She tells her father he should take a plea. If he takes a plea it will go away. If he pleads guilty, it will go to trial. Willa says it will mean the race for Governor if this goes to trial. Claire says “Then it’s the race.”

Danny comes into Adam’s room and asks him where he went when he turned the alarm off. Adam says he wanted to know he could leave because sometimes it feels like he can’t leave. Adam tells Danny he got another one. I am guessing he is referring to a post card.

The police have figured out the suspect is on a road trip and have figured out where he is going. They put out an APB. It doesn’t take long and the suspect is pulled over. The wife asks if he was speeding and what they want. The suspect says he doesn’t know.

Back to ten years ago. John has passed out on the bleachers. Willa is pacing. The police arrive. Officer Nina steps out of the car. Willa says she didn’t know who else to call. Nina tells Willa to go home and she can handle a little public intoxication. It’s what she does. Willa picks up her bike and rides home. Office Nina tells Willa John is just having a hard time. A police officer sends a little girl home alone on her bike when her brother has just been kidnapped?

Agents are in NYC waiting for the suspect. The suspect is at the police station. There is a problem with the registration of his vehicle. He says he didn’t steal it.

Danny gives Adam the keys to the car and that Adam wanted more freedom. Adam says he doesn’t know how to drive. Danny says to figure it out so they take off down the road with Adam driving. Adam asks who taught Danny to drive. Danny says his mom. Adam says he always wanted to drive this car.

Adam is driving with his eyes closed and is going at a high rate of speed. Danny yells at Adam to open his eyes and hit the brakes so Adam does. Danny asks Adam if he wants to die. Adam says not yet.

At the police station, the suspect asks the wife if she still has the extra set of keys. She says yes. He says lets go. They can be home by that evening. Just then the police tell them to hold up. The police have the paperwork straightened out and give it to the suspect.

Claire is at the police station looking at pictures of Hank’s injured face. Officer Nina tells Claire that Hank’s nose was broken in several places. Claire tells Nina that John didn’t do this. They verbally spar over who knows John best. Claire drives home to find a bat in the driveway with #papabear written in black on the bat. She yells for John to come out. John and Willa both come out and the camera pans out to show thousands of bats in their yard.

John wakes up on the couch at Officer Nina’s house. So this is clearly from ten years ago. Officer Nina has up all kinds of information and news articles about Adam. John says Claire took down everything of Adam’s and that can’t be normal. Officer Nina says everyone grieves differently. John leaves then comes back in and Nina and John kiss.

Today, Claire is in the shower, half asleep. John comes in the shower with Claire. She says she didn’t start the hashtag. He says she never doubted him. They kiss. John holds Claire. This is kind of awkward.

Downstairs in the kitchen, Willa and Danny are talking. Danny tells Willa he (Adam) is really messed up.

In NYC, the police are on the phone with Nina and say he never showed up. Nina says he is one guy, he can’t be that smart.

Next, Nina is at Hank’s house. He says lots of things were broken. He asks Nina why she is there. Nina says she wanted to make sure he is OK. He can’t understand why she is concerned about him now as she wasn’t ten years ago. She says he wasn’t the victim ten years ago. Hank suggests differently. Nina says she is sorry for all of it. She knocks over something precious of Hank’s.

Now the show takes us back to a few days ago when Hank is standing outside looking at the Warren house. John looks out and sees him and goes outside. John and Hank argue. After John goes inside, Hank sees a bat laying in the Warren’s yard. He takes it and goes inside his house and breaks up everything. Hmmm….So Hank smashed up his own house and beats himself up with the bat. Ouch!

Back to ten years ago. John comes home the next morning after the bleacher incident. Willa is waiting for him on the couch. John says he slept at a hotel. John says he knows things are tough but that they are going to get better. Willa simply says OK. He goes off to take a shower leaving his phone behind.

Willa looks at her dad’s phone and sees a message that says “We screwed up. It can’t happen again.” Claire comes in looking for her dad’s phone. Willa hides the phone, quickly deletes the message, then “finds” the phone, and hands the phone to her mom.

Back to present day, John and Claire are getting into a car. There are a bunch of reporters outside of their house. John says he will do what he has to do to protect their family. The current Governor is making a speech.

Later, Bridey meets Willa at a bar. Willa tells Bridey the papa bear campaign was very successful and that there might be a spot for Bridey in their campaign. Bridey tells Willa she knows how stressed out she is. Willa says you don’t know anything about me. Bridey says she knows who Willa is and then she kisses her. Willa drops her purse and Bridey hands it back to her.

The suspect and his wife are back at home and he gives her a dolphin.

Nina is talking to her partner about the suspect. Nina says she thinks he is lonely and misses Adam.

The suspect is in the shed and goes downstairs with a bag in his hand. He turns on a light. He has another dolphin and leaves it in the bare concrete empty room.

Nina goes to the Warren’s house and says she knows how to get him so they can move on with their lives. She says she needs to use Adam as bait.

Bridey is at the newspaper. She tells her boss she has the paternity results back and says ”It is not him.” Then the cameras flash to Adam lying in his bed. The end.

Even though I still had questions about what Bridey’s statement really meant, I found the definitive answer. The show’s creator Jenna Bans did an interview with TV Line and stated definitively that Adam is an imposter. That interview can be found here: Adam is an imposter . There are still questions to be answered. What happened to the real Adam? Who is this imposter? What is the motivation for faux Adam to show up? Who is behind the appearance of faux Adam? The Family just keeps getting better and better. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

What about you? Did you think that Adam was an imposter? Sound off in the comments below.