The Goldbergs (S03E19) “Magic Is Real”

TA-DA (see what I did there…), the review is finally here! My apologies for the late post.

Review: It’s been months since Adam and Dana broke up and now Adam is searching for a ‘new Dana’. Dave Kim tells him to find a hook to get girls interested, and after seeing David Copperfield walk through the Great Wall of China, Adam thinks magic is his hook. To get his mom to buy him the best magic tricks out there, Adam tells Bev that he wants her to be his assistant. He books his first gig (for the party of ‘new Dana’s’ little brother) and starts practicing. But when he realizes that Beverly ruins his act, he tells her that she can’t be his assistant anymore, which causes Bev to take back all the magic tricks. On the day of the party, Adam tries to start his act with tricks that he has come up with himself, but fails miserably. Luckily the Amazing Bev is there to save the day and they finish the show together.

Meanwhile, Barry needs to study for the PSATs, even Murray gets involved in getting him to take the test. But Barry doesn’t see the need of taking the test (he can always become a professional ninja or a successkimo), until he sees that all of his friends do take the PSATs seriously. Barry is disappointed by the JTP and Lainey that they don’t want to pursue their old dreams anymore, but are serious about trying to get into college. To convince everybody that he doesn’t need college, Barry presents all of his business ideas to the JTP, Lainey, Erica and Murray (please let ‘Just Fingers’ become a thing!). When his ideas don’t seem to be as appreciated by everyone else as Barry hoped they would be, he explains why he wants to hold on to his dreams: he is afraid he’s going to blow the test, “All I have are dreams because I suck at real life”.

Both Beverly and Murray come through for their kids in the end. When Adam gets shot down by the girl he saw as the new Dana, and Bev sees how much he misses Dana, she tries to comfort his snuggle muffin and tells him that he will find someone like her again. And Murray tells Barry that with the way he thinks, he will surprise everybody if he just tries.

I thought both storylines had some really funny parts, but were pretty emotional as well. Sean Giambrone was amazing in this episode, he was fantastic in that last scene where he tells Bev that he misses Dana and very funny in his scenes as a magician. I also thought Troy Gentile was really good, and I felt bad for him, but laughed out loud when he was presenting all of his ‘antrepreneurial’ ideas. All in all, this was a great eisode!

Rating: 9/10

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