Bates Motel (S04E04): “Lights Of Winter”



In tonights episode of Bates Motel, Emma invited Dylan to move with her to Seattle. The development of their relationship has been so nice to watch on screen. What was even better, was when Norma came to visit Emma, and she thanked her for making Dylan happy. Thats another great development of two characters and their relationship with each other. The writers on the show do such a great job, with each and every single characters individual development and then theres with the other cast members. 

Meanwhile, Romero and Norma are going through the day to day norms of having a relationship which is surprising to watch, to say the least. Its so intriguing to see the way they act with each other, now that their married, the dynamic between them has shifted a little bit, and I’m curious to see how it all plays out.