Lucifer (S01E10) “Pops” Review

“Best Served Cold”

You can’t even take the Devil to a super market. Lucifer can’t help but hit on the fruit stand girl and they were having a nice moment… until she called out “God”. Calling out his Daddy’s name ruins the mood and it gets worse when the victim in the super market turns out to be Lucifer’s favorite chef Javier. Chloe and Lucifer go to interview Javier’s employees who all called him “Pops” as they saw him as a father figure. Still angry at dear old Dad for Father Frank’s undeserved death, Lucifer jumps at the chance to expose the killer of this patricide. Feels like Lucifer is living out some revenge fantasies when he meets Javier’s biological son Junior who he believes to be the killer seeing himself in the guy. Speaking of issues with parents, Chloe’s mother Penelope surprises Chloe at her job. Lucifer and Penelope flirt, which embarrasses Chloe but not so much as Penelope inviting the Devil to dinner with the Dekkers. Meanwhile feeling lost and without purpose Maze goes to see Lucifer’s therapist Dr. Linda. Linda is reluctant seeing a conflict of interest (besides once sleeping with her other patient that is) but Maze is insistent. So Linda suggests Maze make some friends. Maze scoffs at the idea and storms out. We find Dan and Malcolm cruising around and Malcolm finally tells Dan (in a cavalier way) that he’s going to kill Lucifer. Chloe and Lucifer interview Ann Martin, Javier’s cook and heir apparent suspecting her of killing her boss until she starts coughing up blood. She’s out.


“Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”

Dan meets Chloe and Lucifer at the restaurant giving them a new suspect, Naomi Austin, who was a former employee and drug addict. Uncaring for warrants or privacy, Lucifer walks into Naomi’s place searching the place. He finds Junior’s back pack making him believe harder in his theory that Junior killed his father. Another “Oh God” is called out from the randy neighbors putting a bigger damper on Lucifer’s day. Chloe decides to share her own issues about her mother. Naomi discovers her intruders who interrogate her but Naomi claims that Junior wanted to make up with his father. Chloe gets a call that makes her speed off in her car leaving Lucifer once more stranded in her dust. Turns out the emergency was Chloe’s mother dressing Trixie up as a little beauty queen. This provokes and argument between Chloe and Penelope. Chloe doesn’t want her mother to push Trixie into acting like she pushed Chloe. Yet Trixie makes a break taking an Uber to where? The Lux to see her friend Lucifer. Instead she meets Maze who we all know shouldn’t be in charge of children. She poured the 8 year old a cocktail for goodness sake! But they end up bonding. The demon even gave Trixie the ok to call her Maze. Lucifer surprises Junior at Naomi’s place trying to provoke him into admitting he killed his own father but Lucifer realizes that Junior is genuinely upset that his father is dead. So Lucifer invites Junior to cook for the Dekker family dinner.


“Made In His Image”

Lucifer is never subtle. He doesn’t hesitate to make things awkward at the dinner though he does help to give Junior a chance to plead his case with Chloe. Junior doesn’t resent his father at all (to Lucifer’s chagrin) as he helped make him the man he is today, clean of drugs and ready to cook again. After making some rude comments and some mother and daughter bickering, Dan excuses himself to bring Junior down to the precinct to give a statement. After a disastrous dinner Lucifer and Chloe work through some new theories about the case. Chloe realizes that maybe Javier wanted to make up with his son which would force Ann Martin out. Sure enough Ann Martin returned to the scene of the crime. Lucifer and Chloe surprise Ann who revealed that she meant to kill Junior and not Javier. Suddenly she sets the kitchen on fire trapping Lucifer and Chloe. However, like some action hero in a movie, Lucifer carries Chloe out of the fire though he got a bit singed. Silver lining, Ann was arrested a few blocks away and Junior hears that his father was leaving him the restaurant. Maze goes back to Linda’s office to tell her she made a friend; an 8 year old but a friend. When Linda suggests she makes more friends who are of drinking age Maze asks if she would like to have one with her. Chloe makes up with her mother. Penelope admits her short comings but she only wants Chloe to be happy. Dan meets up with Malcolm (secretly of course) and agrees that Lucifer is insane but he can’t allow Malcolm to kill him. Instead he tries to arrest him but Malcolm knocks Dan out. To add another gut punch, Malcolm sends Chloe a break up text from Dan. This prompts Chloe to get some liquid courage and finally take the Devil up on his offer of some naked fun. But to Lucifer’s surprise he actually says no to Chloe’s advances. Instead he becomes the shoulder Chloe can… pass out on. Is Lucifer turning into his Father? Placing morals above pleasure?


I give this episode a B+. Maze bonding with little Trixie was probably the best part of the episode! Glad to see our little demon trying to make new friends without benefits especially since she and Lucifer are still on the rocks.