Miracles from Heaven Movie Review (2016)

I saw Miracles From Heaven on Easter Sunday and it was an appropriate movie for the day as it raised questions of faith, healing, and fellowship within the church. I will do this old school by answering the questions of who, what, when, where, why, and how. Maybe not necessarily in that order.


Miracles From Heaven centers around the Beam family, a married couple with three daughters. Jennifer Garner plays Christy Beam. Martin Henderson plays her husband Kevin Beam. Kylie Rogers is Anna Beam who is the daughter who gets sick. Brighton Sharbino plays the eldest daughter Abbie Beam. Courtney Fansler plays the youngest daughter Adelynn Beam. Eugenio Derbez plays Dr. Nurko. John Carroll Lynch plays Pastor Scott.


The Beam family lives in Burleson, TX. The doctor who later takes Anna Beam’s case is in Boston, MA.


The Beam family are  Christians and go to church all the time as a family. Their life is going along mostly good. Their funds are a little tight as Mr. Beam, the husband and father has recently opened his large animal medical clinic and the house is completely mortgaged.

Their middle daughter Anna, brilliantly played by Kylie Rogers, starts vomiting and is unable to keep much of anything down. This goes on for a period of time. The local doctor doesn’t know what is wrong. One time when they take Anna to ER, the ER doctor wants to send them home saying there is nothing seriously wrong. This is when Mrs. Beam, capably played by Jennifer Garner, turns on her mama bear mode and demands that more tests be done right away. She gets her way and a doctor higher up the ladder runs some tests and discovers that young Anna has an intestinal disease with no cure. Anna will need a feeding tube and several other medications and her condition will only worsen, eventually leading to death. This doctor is named Dr. Burgi and he is played by Bruce Altman.

Mrs. Beam begs Dr. Burgi for more help. He says he knows of a doctor in Boston, Dr. Nurko. Now, Dr. Nurko has not found a cure but is a brilliant doctor with some cutting edge treatments that improve the quality of life of his patients.

The only problem with getting in to see Dr. Nurko, aside from the fact that he is in Massachusetts and the Beams are in Texas, is that he has a several months long waiting list. Anna could die by the time they could get an appointment.

Mrs. Beam is not going to accept this and she gets on a plane to Boston with her daughter and basically waits in Dr. Nurko’s office until they get in even though they do not have an appointment.

The Beams finally do get in with Dr. Nurko and he is able to provide some assistance. Dr. Nurko’s character reminds me a lot of Dr. Patch Adams played by Robin Williams. Dr. Nurko gets silly with his patients and makes them laugh and forget about their problems for a while.

The course of treatment with Dr. Nurko requires trips from Texas to Boston every few weeks which is expensive and puts a strain on the Beam marriage.

At some point during all this, some church ladies gang up Mrs. Beam and ask her about unconfessed sin in their lives, even in little Anna’s life. The church ladies are suggesting that unconfessed sin is causing little Anna’s illness. This is common in some Christian denominations. Hearing that made me mad and it also made Mrs. Beam mad. She left the church and didn’t come back.

One time while Anna is feeling a little better, she and her older sister, Abbie, go play in the tree like they used to. Unfortunately, little Anna falls into the tree.  Yes, into the tree. The tree has a hollowed out center. She is lying inside the center of the tree on the ground and is not moving or responding.

Emergency services finally gets her out and to the hospital. Miraculously, she has at the most a slight concussion. Nothing else is wrong with her other than some facial scrapes.

As the next few days go by Anna feels better and better. She goes for a check up and Dr. Nurko can find no trace of Anna’s illness and she has been symptom free ever since.

Mrs. Beam did return to church to share her testimony after her daughter was healed. Even then there were some doubters but most believed.


I discovered that Anna fell in 2011. As of 2015, Anna was twelve years old so Anna was about eight years old when she fell. By the time Anna fell, she had been sick for about three years as she was diagnosed when she was five years old.


How did Anna get better? She claims she saw Jesus when she was unconscious. Anna wanted to stay with him but Jesus said he had to send her back because he has things for her to do here on earth but that he could promise her there would be nothing wrong with her when she went back to earth.


Why should you go see Miracles from Heaven? You should go see this movie because it will make you believe in miracles. It will make you believe in the power of a mother’s love and the love of a family. You should go see Miracles From Heaven because it is a clean movie. No sex, swearing, or bloody gun battles. You should take the whole family to see this movie. This film will move you to tears which is good for us sometimes. I give this movie a ten out of ten and I have told all my friends they need to go see this movie. Also, at the end of the movie, you get to “meet” the real Beam family.

P.S. The picture I included is of the real Beam family. Anna is the daughter wearing glasses.