Scorpion: (S02E21) “Twist and Shout”


Scorpion opens with Tim playing a video game with Toby and Sylvester watching. Sylvester calls for Ralph to watch but Ralph is busy on his laptop. Walter comes downstairs asking what all the shouting is about. They say that Walter’s record is about to be broken. Walter says that is impossible as he memorized the patterns. Paige tells Walter he feels threatened. Walter says no, it’s just a game. Meanwhile Linda walks in. She was one of Walter’s dates and the one who had a bomb strapped to her in one episode and Walter saved her life. Linda asks Walter if they can talk in private. Walter asks if everything is OK and she says yes. She has been thinking about Walter a lot lately. Meanwhile Tim just beat Walter’s high score. Walter says it was a statistical improbability that he would ever see her again just like someone breaking his record on the video game. Linda wants another date. Walter says he will call her.

Ralph is working on a college course at 11 years old. He explains the project to the others.

Cabe comes in introducing John Pandova. John works with a team to locate and retrieve military remains from all over the world. They found part of a marine’s uniform who went missing in Vietnam back from 1971. There is actually a group of ten missing soldiers. They have two days to find the bodies at the excavation site before the Vietnamese build on that site. Toby picks up on the fact that one of the ten missing is John’s father and John admits it and says his mom is very sick and has been waiting 45 years for his father to come home.

Walter asks Cabe why it is so important to retrieve these remains. Cabe explains that normal people need something to say goodbye to. Cabe thought Walter would understand after losing his sister Megan.

While on the military plane to Vietnam, the team tries to program the computers with what to look for when they get to the excavation site. Meanwhile Paige is talking to Ralph on the phone. Sylvester has stayed behind to help the team and to watch Ralph. Ralph says Sylvester is very enthusiastic about his project. Sylvester is wearing a shirt that says Go Ralph. LOL!

The team is now in cars on the way to the excavation site. Tim tells Walter he doesn’t want to be in competition with Walter. He just wants to be part of the team. The skies are cloudy and stormy as they get to the excavation site. The excavation team has started before their agreed upon 48 hours has expired. Tim speaks Vietnamese and talks to the leader of the excavation team and explains the need for honoring their 48 hour agreement or Tim will need to call the authorities. He backs down so Team Scorpion can begin their work. Tim is proving himself valuable to the team.

There are high winds blowing everything around while the team is trying to set up their tent and equipment. Sylvester calls and said the storm will have winds up to 120 mph. It is a category 2 storm. One of their computer chips is broken. Walter asks if there is a hospital nearby as they will have the same type of chip that they need. There is a nursing home nearby but it just happens to have had a fire and they are in the middle of evacuating everyone. Of course Walter and Tim go in to the building and locate a chip.

Ralph somehow fails his project and is dejected. Sylvester says they just didn’t understand it.

The winds are picking up. Walter asks if there are tunnels nearby. There just happen to be some nearby but Walter has to break in. They get the residents downstairs. One of the residents recognizes John and calls him a specter. The resident knows his father from 50 years ago. John shows the resident a picture. The resident explains that John’s father is dead. There was a battle and he is sorry. John says there is no forgiveness necessary.

Toby and Happy are outside trying to locate the bodies. Everyone else is in the tent. John says the others can leave but he refuses to leave. John is pretty calm for just meeting the man who killed his father. Tim says to Walter that at some point John is going to have to deal with his emotions.

Sylvester calls again and says the storm is bringing an F4 tornado heading straight for them. That doesn’t sound good. Ralph says a tornado touched down 3 miles away and the tornado is a mile wide. Ralph tells his mom Paige he wants her out of there. John refuses to leave saying this kind of a storm digs up the ground up to five feet below. The remains will blow away. Sylvester says there is no way for them to escape right now.

Walter says if they can cool down the temperature, the tornado will lose wind speed. Walter says he needs dry ice. They need over 12,000 pounds of dry ice to drop the air temperature. Walter says it will only work as they are in a valley. Walter tells Sylvester they need instant updates on the tornado. Sylvester says he can’t but Ralph can with the software he designed. Ralph says they have 11 minutes to get the dry ice in place. They are working to get the dry ice in place and Paige looks up and sees the tornado.

There is a problem with Walter and Paige’s truck. It won’t go fast enough to spread the dry ice in time. Sylvester calculates that Walter and Paige will get to the tornado at the same time it reaches its worst. Walter tries to get Paige to jump out of the truck if he slows down. She won’t do it. They release the dry ice. Walter’s truck dies. Walter and Paige get out of the truck. Walter uses his belt to tie himself to the tree. The wind literally picks up Paige. Walter quickly grabs her hand. The two are flying in the air. Walter has one hand on the belt and one hand on Paige. She says she can’t hold on. Sylvester says it will be a while before the winds drop. Walter tells Paige he will not let her go. Suddenly the winds drop and Walter and Paige drop to the ground. Everyone is relieved. Walter asks Paige if she is OK. She says bad hair day but she is OK. That was stressful. I didn’t know if Walter and Paige were going to make it.

Back at headquarters John thanks Walter for finding his dad and getting him out of MIA status. So apparently, off screen, the team was successful in finding all of the remains. Cabe and John say that all of the family members have been notified. John’s mom comes to Team Scorpion headquarters and hugs John. John introduces his mom. Cabe says it’s an honor to meet her. They are able to give John’s mom her husband’s dog tags. She cries with gratitude.

Paige asks Walter if he understands closure now and he says he does. Toby says imagine that woman keeping hope alive for all of these years. Toby asks Happy what she would do if Toby disappeared. He wants to know if she would move on. She says no. She would never find anyone else who annoys her as much.

Sylvester finds out that Ralph’s teacher stole his software and that is why he failed Ralph. They decide to hire Sylvester’s lawyer because he will work for free.

Tim comes in to talk to Walter and says that Walter is just as brave as anyone else he has been in the field with. Tim asks if Walter wants to go out to eat. Walter says he might call Linda as he should take advantage of spending time with a beautiful intelligent woman. Walter calls Linda but gets her voice mail and leaves a message.

After Walter gets off the phone, Tim tells him he is going to go out to eat with Paige and Ralph. The look on Walter’s face is priceless but of course he hides his emotions. Tim says he decided to take Walter’s advice about spending time with an intelligent beautiful woman. Walter tells him to have a nice time and then goes to play the video game. Poor Walter. He is all alone at headquarters. That is the end of the episode. Next week’s episode will be a rerun of the time that Sylvester went undercover in prison.

What did you think of the episode? Were you worried about the team? What do you think will happen with #Waige? What do you think will happen with #Quintis?