Supergirl (S01E18) “Worlds Finest”

With this being Supergirl’s first crossover event, it actually turned out to be great!

In the episode we have Kara/Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) at the DEO with Winn (Jeremy Jordan) trying to find out what is happening with Sibohan (Italia Ricci) who doesn’t understand why she is having these so called abilities. But even the DEO couldn’t figure out a reason to why she has developed these abilities, so Sibohan has chosen to take matters into her own hands. Sibohan goes to her aunt who is an expert in old Irish and family folklore, where she tells Sibohan the truth about their family being cursed by the whale of the Silver Banshee, the banshee comes out when someone has wronged the women in the families lives. But in order for the curse to stop is to kill the one who has wronged the certain woman in their life, so Sibohan goes to Cat Co to get her revenge on Cat Grant but instead she whales or supersonics Kara out of the window, The Flash (Grant Gustin) zooms to save Kara but ends up running her all the way out of National City. Kara is confused to who this mystery hero is, even when Barry/The Flash names off a whole lot of heroes that was almost the entire hero cast of Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow, hilarious actually! When Livewire (Brit Morgan) is broke out of the DEO by Silver Banshee, when Kara/Supergirl feels the urge to act, The Flash requests to do a team up. Will the Flash & Supergirl be able to defeat Silver Banshee & Livewire? Will Supergirl ever get the trust of the people back? Find out by watching this epic crossover event!

Honestly this episode to me was the 2nd best episode there is for Supergirl, the 1st best episode was Livewire’s debut! But this episode was fantastic, and I loved that Barry introduced the talk about the Multiverse in this episode and that there are many, many, many earths. And I believe that the earth that Barry traveled to for this crossover was Earth-3, it just has to be! Lets hope the next time Barry runs to another Earth that it ends up being Earth-2, but I guess we will find out soon!

Next Episode of Supergirl is: Episode 19 Myriad

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