The Magicians: (S01E11) “Remedial Battle Magic”

Continuing their adventure of trying to go to Fillery, they decide to learn how to do some illegal battle magic which Elliot was all in for! 

Margo didn’t take a second to start her one line jokes as they ask Penny how he walked in on them. 

Unfortunately the only person who knows how to do battle magic is Penny’s ex and going for a visit they find out there is a bottle they should take which makes them very emotional. Julia along with her began their own adventure trying to go after a ‘God’ and she manages to get clues and a visit from the woman herself in her dreams telling her to take 3 gifts to the man who served her for 1000s of years!

Meanwhile practicing their battle magic Penny grows closer to Alice and Elliot has a fallout with Margo while on the potion. This potion seriously messed up people! 😂